Must-Follow 10 Tips to Conquer the Essay in the SAT Exam

Must-Follow 10 Tips to Conquer the Essay in the SAT Exam

With the SAT Essay, you are allowed to showcase your analytical skills and writing ability. As of other different sections in the SAT exam, the SAT Essay also requires dedicated preparation.SAT Singapore offers the best and comprehensive SAT course Singapore to help students crack the door of their dream college after their high school. Coming back to the topic, it might seem like fifty-odd minutes are little less to deliver the best Essay material, but with a calm and practised approach you are likely to show your best work. Success on the Sat Essay is determined by its preparation and its execution on the test day. To help you in your approach, we are writing this article with some of the tips that work well for conquering the SAT Essay.

#1 Make Sure You Read The Question Carefully

  • Make sure that you’ve understood everything that is being asked if not read it multiple times before you start scratching your booklet.
  • Students are suggested by the experts from SAT exam preparation classes to break the question into parts if you are asked to complete multiple tasks.
  • Locate every essential verb in your question because they indicate what you need to "do" in your essay. Understand well if you’re asked to persuade, refute, explain, or narrate. This eventually will help you in doing good.

#2 Stick to the Exam Rules

  • Ensure that you’re writing in the correct space.
  • It is suggested to answer without deviating from what has been assigned to you in the question.
  • Write with pencils only.
  • Make sure you are not writing in your test booklet.

#3 Time Management and Planning is Must

  • Students are advised to make a plan for time management before the test day by different experts who are running SAT classes in Singapore.

Here, by planning, we mean how much time will you devote to brainstorming? Drafting? Editing? Re-reading?

  • Allow yourself some spare time after you finish writing to check for mistakes and re-reading your Essay.

#4 Draft an Outline of What You are Going to Write

  • You will save valuable time by drafting the outline of writing but make sure you’ve included all the necessary elements in that. This will allow you to answer the question more quickly and appropriately.
  • Always start with a bold introduction paragraph that can deliver your opinion.
  • Each body paragraph should revolve around a single vital idea that supports every idea with examples and explanations.
  • Always conclude with a paragraph that restates your opinion/topic and leaves the reader with something to think about.

#5 Take a Stance:

  • Give your personal opinion as the SAT Essay asks for it.
  • Never afraid of right or wrong opinion, but you should give your opinion with a good reason and is well-supported by explanation, you are good to go.

#6 Write Well!

  • The essay is all about testing your analytical and writing ability, not answering the question correctly. So you should demonstrate that you know how to write and prove that you write pretty well.
  • Organizing the ideas properly helps you in framing your argument at best.
  • Use of rich vocabulary, expressive details, and relevant examples are often taught by expert teachers in SAT private tuition Singapore.
  • Show them that you have a strong grip on grammatical and spelling concepts.
  • You should vary your sentence length and structure to create a solid flow that ultimately demonstrates your writing ability.

#7 Start with Something Eye-catchy to Grab their Attention:

  • Start with something interesting that can grab the reader's attention and keep them involved in your writing.
  • Most popular ways to start you should include: a question, interesting idea/fact, an attention-grabbing statement/opinion

#8 Know your reader:

  • Use appropriate language and voice keeping the reader in mind.
  • Remember that your reader's task is to evaluate your writing, nothing more than that so, make sure your writing is delivering what they are looking for.
  • Give sufficient examples that add to your writing helps your Essay to connect to your reader.

#9 Revise your writing:

  • After you finish your writing make sure you check your content on the following grounds:
  1. Ideas and Content: Your answer should provide enough evidence to support your opinion.
  2. Organization: Does your argument sound flawless or does it leave the reader confused?
  3. Voice: Is your writing tone appropriate for the topic and the reader?
  4. Word Choice: Have you use proper words that can enhance your writing?
  5. Sentence Fluency: Is their variety in sentence length and structure, creating a fluency?
  6. Must check whether you’ve followed all the spelling and grammar rules perfectly.

#10 Keep the Essay Neat and Clean

  • They can’t grade it if they can’t read it, it is as simple as that.
  • Demonstrate professionalism through your writing.
  • Make sure you write the essay neatly because lacking neatness can hand you zero marks as that makes content being illegible.

Following these tips, you can ace the SAT essay.

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