My Experience When I Started Learning PPC Advertising

My Experience When I Started Learning PPC Advertising

It has been rightly said that the most valuable learnings come from experiences. And, this thing applies to the complex PPC advertising arena, too! If you are just starting out your journey to PPC, you will inevitably find yourself overwhelmed with the hard work involved in it. But don’t despair!

Having been in your shoes when I started learning PPC advertising, I can relate to you. In this article, I will tell you about the critical paid search lessons based on my experience I wish I had learned earlier.

So, What Is PPC Advertising All About?

PPC stands for pay per click, which is a paid online advertising tactic to get more clicks, impressions, or conversions. The easiest way to understand the PPC Ads is the Ads you see on the Google search result page marked as ‘Ad.’ Initially, I had doubts about using paid Ads. But, those doubts were from an uneducated customer’s point of view.

When I took some online classes on PPC advertising and got in touch with PPC experts, I found that a smart, well-thought strategy can impact the ROI within days. So, the first thing I would like to tell you with my experience is, you shouldn’t hesitate to ask for help.

Don’t Hesitate To Seek Help

Luckily, there are so many PPC professionals out there who can assist you throughout your PPC journey. You can even learn PPC advertising directly by working with experts. Here, I would like to add that most PPC pros entered the industry knowing nothing and dedicated hours to learn everything on their own. Well, if you want to go that way, I still advise you to make connections with the experts and learn from them about running successful Ads.

Paying Attention To The Key Details Is Utmost Important

Sometimes, even the PPC managers use the trial and error method to find out what works and what doesn’t. There are times when you open your PPC account and find out you have overspent your budget; you aren’t supposed to. For this reason, it is necessary to keep track of all the details, as well as mistakes, for example, wrong bid adjustment, not choosing the right keyword match type, poor user experience with the Ads, etc. Such mistakes can take a toll on your ROAS.

Therefore, if you want to make your PPC Ad campaign a success, develop an early habit to keep an eye on the account issues and metrics. It will save you from Ad disapprovals or overspending.

Base Your Decisions On Real-Time Data

Remember, Google’s bid suggestions and even keyword suggestions can’t beat the data you acquire from the users’ actual searches. Suppose you think that you should add the ‘XYZ’ keyword in the negative keyword list, but later analyze the data and find that it has been converted. Now, what should you do? You should shift your thinking. So, it’s better not to trust your instinct here. Just understand what the data is telling and make decisions based on that.

Think Of PPC Advertising As A Career

If you want to boost your PPC knowledge, there can be no better way than doing it as a full-time job. You may think about who will employ you when you know nothing about PPC. Well, employers understand that creating PPC experts requires a lot of training. So, you can look for job roles for junior PPC managers.

Even, I have even seen people with other job roles transitioning into PPC pros. Thus, if you want to become a PPC expert while doing copywriting or content marketing, just have a solid grasp of the PPC basics to land a job in PPC.

Let me share some of my tips from my experience to have a first big break in this industry:

Look For The Right Position: Just be realistic about your position as there are many entry-level positions that are not for your niche. However, applying for the right position will help you sharpen your marketing skills, and you will get to learn from experienced seniors. Also, applying for intermediate jobs can give you tough competition, and you may end up juggling with so many different things instead of learning.

Prepare Ahead Of Time: Most of my friends prepared the night before the interview, which is not good as the interviewer will come to know that you lack knowledge. So give time to prepare and review everything beforehand. Some companies also provide you with clear instructions about your position and role; you can use them as your roadmap to clear the interview.

Don’t Tell Them; Show Them: Interviewers don’t select candidates who lack preparation and knowledge but swear up and down that they will be a good candidate and are excited to work. It's good to convince them, but showing them your skills and tricks make them realize that you have had your homework.

Don’t Skip Basics: If you are genuinely interested in PPC, you need to master its basics. Candidates with no solid knowledge about the basic things can never grab their dream job. If you are interested in SEO, have a hold of everything. The same applies to PPC; just keep in mind that both terms are different, and if you interchange them, you can say goodbye to your PPC job.

A Certificate Can Do A Lot: Having a certification of any course about the industry can be a plus for the interview. This shows that you are passionate about the niche and can be a hardworking employee.


PPC advertising is diverse. While you can gain a lot of knowledge about PPC through online learning or training, you will learn the real lessons only when you do it and experience the highs and lows that come along. Once you start doing PPC, you can take some inspiration from your competitors and tweak your strategy accordingly. If you love the idea of running PPC Ads and want to kick start your Ad campaign, consider the suggestions mentioned above. You will learn more once you start doing PPC.

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