Pick the Right Thing for Your Child and Boost Their Development in the Right Way

Pick the Right Thing for Your Child and Boost Their Development in the Right Way

After two years of taking care of a child and now when your child is finally three, they enter the preschooler's stage which is full of learning new things and exploring the world around them. They have a very curious mind which means they want to know everything how and why things work around them? They are full of energy and imagination. During this time, they need an environment which helps in developing their skills but in a fun way. We can help them enhance these skills by giving those toys that serve both the purpose of playing as well as learning.

Cognitive development of a 3-year-old

Playing with toys helps in the cognitive development of the child, like they will learn to recognize different colours, able to differentiate between different shapes, sizes and able to sort them based on it. They can count and solve simple puzzles and can identify different objects and pictures.

How playing with toys helps a child?

During this stage, a child's best engagement is playing with a toy. They learn to pretend and play. They even learn to develop social skills of sharing with their peers and siblings. It helps in developing eye-hand coordination.

What are educational toys?

These are those toys which provide some benefits to the child along with the joy. Like there are sound toys that contain the sound of different animals, playing with these toys makes them learn and recognize different animals. These toys help in developing language, communication and nurture their young minds.

But finding the toy that is suitable for your child depends upon their skills, preference, and interest. It should not be too large that they find it difficult to carry or too small that if they put it in their mouth, it results in choking hazard.

When you expose your child to engaging activities and toys, you are exposing them to screen-free time, which is the need of the hour considering how children nowadays are more interested in hooking up to screen watching different things rather than playing or engaging in self-learning activities.

You can introduce your child to activity boxes which are kits that include various activities that a child can engage in themselves by following simple instructions. Few of them are like playing with blocks where the child learns to sort different shapes and colours, and in this way, they learn to build and rebuild new things. This helps in igniting imagination and creativity. Another option is introducing your child to puzzles which requires the child to arrange different pictures into order. It makes a child use their decision-making skills by deciding whether or not these pieces fit together.

Apart from these educational toys, there are many activity boxes that you can subscribe to. These boxes can be bought for a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. They include many activities that can engage your child for hours. These activity boxes are well equipped with manuals and tools that are safe to use and operate even without adult supervision.

So why gift them?

These toys and activities help in building critical, creative and independent thinking; they develop fine and gross motor skills as well. When a child plays, they also develop social skills. They learn to share and coordinate with other children as well which means they learn to make new friends. This kind of activity helps in increasing the brainpower of a child by giving them a deeper understanding of how to deal with different situations. It helps in emotional development and teaches a child about the concept of cause and effect.

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