Restaurant meals to take out

Restaurant meals to take out

At times when many are being encouraged to stay home as much as they possibly can, it can be hard to enjoy family fun Yorkshire. However, even those who are isolating at home can take this time to cherish their loved ones. After all, spending quality time together is one of the best things to do Yorkshire you can do. This doesn’t mean you have to miss out on life’s little luxuries, though. For example, you may be craving a delicious meal from one of your favourite restaurants. We’ve listed below where to go in Yorkshire for amazing food you can take out of restaurants and eat in the comfort and safety of your own home.

ASK Italian

Is one of your favourite things to do Yorkshire indulging in a cheesy pizza or a hearty bowl of pasta? If so, then this could be the takeout for you. ASK Italian is a restaurant known up and down the country for its flavoursome and authentic Italian food. As a restaurant also known for family fun Yorkshire, it has a great children’s menu alongside the main menu. It’s something the whole family can get on board with, and it’s so easy to order. You can either call to order and collect, click and collect or look at the likes of Deliveroo if you’d like to get your food delivered.


Wondering where to go in Yorkshire for delicious takeout Mexican food? Wonder no more! Chiquito offers a fabulous 40% off when you click and collect. The menu is wide-ranging, with option such as enchiladas, burgers, fajitas, wraps and a selection of street food dishes. Also known for family fun Yorkshire, this restaurant offers a children’s menu that includes a main, side, dessert and drink for £5.99. Why have a boring night in when you could be having a Mexican fiesta?


Going for a Nando’s tops the list of many people’s favourite things to do Yorkshire. The famous peri-peri flavour has made it one of the UK’s most popular chains. With different chicken dishes, burgers, pittas, wraps and salads, along with five different spice levels, it offers something for everyone. If you fancy a Nando’s at home, there are a couple of options for you. Depending on where you live, they may deliver. If you’re out of the catchment area, though, you may have to nip out and pick up your order. You can check this on the Nando’s website.

Pizza Express

Where to go in Yorkshire for a pizza at this trying time, you ask? The team at Pizza Express offer a huge range of pizzas (and pastas) with a collection service or a delivery service with Deliveroo. This is another recognised restaurant that’s hugely successful all over the UK, so you can trust it to deliver only the best quality. When you’re advised to stay at home as much as you possibly can, why not have your own little pizza party with the family? It’s the best way to pass the time!

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