Role of Emerging Technologies in Mobile Application

Role of Emerging Technologies in Mobile Application

Considering the current mobile app technology scenario, this is not where the leading mobile app development companies will stop. With AI or IoT, development professionals are definitely anticipating the technology to upsurge in the near future.

Here are the following examples of how emerging technologies have started to make their impact -

a. Internet of Things - IoT is becoming mainstream (20bn IoT device installations by 2020). With the concept of connecting even the minute-sized objects and collecting deluge of data from them for processing and use, industrialists are keen on embracing the technology more than ever.

Even the mobile app development companies are realizing its potential and doing utmost to stay ahead of the curve. Some impressive IoT implementations in mobile applications include Supply Chain Management and Retail, home automation, Healthcare, Automotive, social, and agriculture.

An impressive use of IoT is made by Amazon Go with an aim to re-define user experience by eliminating queues in brick-and-mortar stores and encouraging the use of mobile devices for purchase through the Go app.

b. AR/VR - This year, industry experts predict the AR/VR market to soar to nearly $20 bn. AR and VR together have contributed towards the growing expectations of end users. When industrial giants like Facebook, Sony etcetera have already launched their VR devices for viewing the places as real, implementation in mobile application is likely the next step.

Most number of implementations of AR/VR can be seen in games. However, the concept is starting to penetrate in other verticals as well, most notably the healthcare where medical professionals get assistance in operating on the patient in real-time.

c. Artificial Intelligence - AI has become mainstream and has been around for centuries. Though scientists are yet hoping to extract more out of this powerful technology. Did you know Gmail claims to have AI as its cornerstone in spotting 99% of spam and prevents them reaching your inbox.

That’s not it! You need a click of a button and Gmail suggests responses most apt to the content of email.

Even LinkedIn is using Artificial Intelligence to suggest jobs to its users aiming to enhance the user experience. Pinterest has an AI-powered tool known as “LENS” to accurately identify objects in a picture only to find similar objects for sale.

d. Blockchain - Rega.Life Risk Sharing is the first platform that offered crowdsurance through Blockchain implementation. The concept is all about reaching the world at large and allow them not only hassle-free buying and using crypto currency but also to utilize its advantages for daily usage.

REGA is doing so by offering crowdsurance products to two mass markets soon after which products for car, health, house, travel, and parametric will be introduced.

This endeavour is a win-win situation where partners collaborate with business spread over the globe and merchants proffering possibilities present only in REGA ecosystem.

These are not just enough when it comes to exploring tech potential of expert developers. However, these latest findings corroborate well just how much capable these technologies are.

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