Rules to Follow in Ayurveda Acute Kidney Failure Treatment

Rules to Follow in Ayurveda Acute Kidney Failure Treatment

No person in this world wants to live an unhealthy life but every person can make the possible attempts to stay healthy and fight anything that comes their way. Bad conditions associated with the kidneys of human require instant attention and care so that it could not turn to something fatal.

This blog will help you to understand what acute kidney failure is and the causes behind ARF. Moreover, this blog contains information about acute kidney failure diagnosis and rules that are needed to be followed during acute kidney failure treatment in Ayurveda.

Acute kidney failure: a brief

The condition of rapid loss of the kidney’s filtering ability is called acute kidney failure or acute renal failure (ARF). The growth of this condition in a human’s body happens all of a sudden within a few days. People who are already suffering from any of a critical health condition and are under intense surveillance and care are majorly on the risk of getting acute kidney failure. Moreover, it affects people who are healthy otherwise. The most important and relieving fact about this condition is that it can be reversed and kidneys could come back to their normal functioning. Like any other dangerous condition associated with kidneys, acute kidney failure also causes the accumulation of toxic wastes inside the body and may turn the situation fatal if the required action is not taken on time.

As far as the diagnosis of acute kidney failure is concerned, it is based on the level of creatinine in the blood, urine excretion, and the need for kidney replacement therapy. Moreover, kidney ultrasonography can be performed to understand the condition of kidneys.

What causes acute kidney failure?

Widely three conditions can lead to kidney failure in humans. Here, we will read about those factors and conditions in detail so that one can acknowledge it and prevent it on time. Acute kidney failure can be the result of conditions like:

A. Direct damage caused to the kidneys
B. Urinary blockage
C. Impairing of blood flow to kidneys

What are the direct damages caused to the kidneys?

Discussed here are some of the conditions and agents that can directly harm human kidneys and cause acute renal failure in almost no time. These conditions involve-

• Alcohol, a toxic agent that can cause kidney failure
• A disease that damages the skin and tissues connected to it, scleroderma
• Disorder in blood such as thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura
• Clotting of blood in the arteries and veins around and inside the kidneys
• Glomerulonephritis
• Accumulation of cholesterol
• Infections
• Lupus that later causes glomerulonephritis
• Drug abuse or overuse of medicines
• Premature damage to RBC that causes hemolytic uremia syndrome and eventually causes acute kidney failure
• When there is a breakdown in the tumor cells certain toxins are released that damages the kidneys
• Muscle tissue breakdown

Ayurveda acute kidney failure treatment comprises the treatment of all these causes that directly or indirectly harm kidneys. As per the rule of Ayurvedic treatment, it is important to treat the underlying causes to fight the major disease.

What factors are involved behind the blockage of urine?

Acute kidney failure, at times can be the result of urine blockage and here are the diseases/conditions that can block the urine flow. If you are facing any such condition, without wasting time pay the required attention to it.

• Cervical cancer
• Cancer in bladder
• Kidney stones
• Prostate cancer
• Clotting of blood in the urinary tract
• Colon cancer
• Damage of nerve that efficiently controls the bladder

Reasons involved in the impairing of blood flow to kidneys

Given below are the reasons that cause the impairing of blood flow to kidneys.

• Heart attack
• Diseases in heart
• Liver failure
• Blood loss
• Infections
• Allergies and drug abuse
• Dehydration
• Medicines for imbalanced blood pressure

Acute kidney infection treatment in Ayurveda is the prompt treatment for many other infections that can lead to kidney failure in humans. If a person welcomes Ayurveda in life, he or she can feel the obvious change in health in no time.

Let us read about some rules of Ayurveda that will help you to overcome acute kidney failure easily without turning the treatment hectic and lengthy.

Rules for a speedy recovery from acute kidney failure

In Ayurveda, everything for the treatment is natural and authentic. Unlike allopathic kidney treatment, Ayurveda is inclusive of herbs, yoga and a good diet that check the nutrients balance in the body to keep us healthy. Ayurveda makes use of certain qualitative herbs, shrubs, and herbal edibles along with meditation and changes in the way a person eats and what he or she eats. When all these things come together, it provides a very effective result that can be felt. The only rule in Ayurveda for a speedy recovery from any type of kidney failure is to stick to what has been asked to do, be it the herbs or the diet, follow it as if you are chasing life and the results you will notice in months will be out of this world.

First rule

If you are asked to quit any of your bad habits, do it quickly not just for the sake of your disease but also for a quality life. If you will make one positive change towards your body, your body will show you 10 healthy changes. Here are some of the bad habits you need to quit even before the doctor demand it.

a. Quit smoking
b. Quit tobacco consumption in any form
c. Quit the use of alcohol
d. Sleep early and take healthy 7 hours sleep
e. Wake up early in the morning and go for a short walk
f. Quit eating junk all the time

Acute kidney failure treatment in Ayurveda is rich with the treasure of herbs that helps a person in quitting habits like smoking and drinking without any major stress.

Second Rule

It is important to make certain dietary changes in order to provide our body with food that can be processed easily even if the kidneys are not good enough in its functioning. Eating according to the need of the disease will help the kidneys to recover soon. Moreover, a good eating plan prevents the two major problems associated with kidney disease i.e. diabetes and high blood pressure.

a. Monitor the amount of sodium you eat and keep the quantity less than that of consumed by a healthy human.
b. Monitor potassium, phosphorus, and protein consumption.
c. Eat an adequate amount of calories, fat, protein, and carbohydrates.
d. Eat small portions of food.

Third Rule

Say no to vigorous exercises as it leads to the production of excess of creatinine in the blood. Creatinine can damage kidney functioning. Instead, go for a short walk and practice yoga and meditation. This will benefit you more than the exercises.

Fourth Rule

It is necessary to build a firm belief in the method of treatment used for a good result. People widely believe that allopathy is the best treatment and they look down on Ayurveda not knowing that Ayurveda treats the disease from its cellular level and rejuvenates all the damaged cells. A belief can push the confidence of the patient up and can show wonderful results. Take the prescribed herbs on time for the desired results.

These were the four basic rules of Ayurveda’s acute kidney failure treatment.

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