SEO techniques for the best performance of pages

SEO techniques for the best performance of pages

In this fast-moving world, no one wants to waste time and in that point of view now optimizers taking a step to process fast loading pages to the website. People more likely want to view fast loading pages rather than slow loading pages. Here are some statistics that depict the user’s interest in fast loading pages, 40% of people not like a page loading more than 3 seconds and 47% of people like to view the page in two seconds or before.

Recent survey results showed the loss of slow loading pages. Here, the results of 1-second delay of the page.

  • 11% fewer page viewers
  • 16% loss of customer satisfaction
  • 7% loss in conversion

By these statistics one can understand that users are more interested in fast and quick loading pages rather than slow loading pages as everyone knows no one wants to load slowly. By keeping this in mind everyone has to develop their pages to load fast and some Best SEO Services techniques to be followed are listed here under below.

Testing Websites Speed:

There are many tools available in these fast generation technology to check the performance of the websites. Best four websites which display the required things are Google’s Page Insights, Pingdom, GTmetrix, and Yslow. Among them, Google’s Page Insights is the best and it shows recommendation for both mobile and desktop versions.

Best ways for the best performance of page:

Hosting plans:

What is hosting? Web host means is a service provider which provides technologies and services to the web pages or website to surf the internet. Websites or web pages are stored on specified computers which they are known as servers. Some web host servers provide fast and quick generative services to customers but some are slow by remembering this point the owner of the page most host their page on best Web host servers for the quick view of a page on the internet.

HTTP Requests:

From the surveys, according to search engines, nearly 80% of pages take more time to load a page by placing a number of components like images, Stylesheets, scripts, Flash etc. An HTTP request is made on each one of all these components on the page the more components make more time to load a page. To overcome these issue the listing of components to be decreased and shortlisted.

  • Utilize CSS in place of images
  • Compress multiple Stylesheets into one
  • Reduce scripts and place them at the bottom of the page

By applying these techniques to website pages result in compressed HTTP for their websites to load fast and best performance of the page.

Image resolution:

Images on pages look good about the content but it should not exceed more because it kills the page performance efficiency. To make the web page to load fast unnecessary images to be swiped out and required images to be placed on the page. Even though placing images on the page, some tips to be followed in order to not lose speed of the page by changing the image the resolution, compressing the picture, and cropping the picture by eliminating the unnecessary things in the image. By using these techniques also can increase the loading of the page faster.

Fewer Plug-ins:

By using selected plug-ins make the page to load fast. The optimizers have to remove these plug-ins as possible as they can do even it is impossible to remove entirely but some tips will help to overcome this problem. Evaluate the plug-ins seasonally and erase them if they are not using more, not doing its functioning, calling deprecated functions, and placing new plug-ins which work better more than old ones.

Genuine content:

Always placing the keen and genuine content makes the page rated and also loads faster. By getting content through desired writers and make using them on the page and also edit the unnecessary matter in order to not to lose the quality of content.

Compressing data:

Large pages with more content can take of 100kb or even more memory to the page it will cause more time to load a page in that cases zipping the files are better for fast loading of the pages. By compressing reduces the bandwidth of the pages and it will reduce the HTTP of the page which can make the web page to load faster than before of compression. According to surveys compressing files makes fast downloading by 70% that’s why servers compress the data in files automatically before placing the page on the internet. And 90% of today internet traffic follows the pages in Gzip format. By compressing the data makes the webpage to load fast.

Browser caching:

When the user first time visits the page makes the users download all the elements of the page automatically on the hard drive as cache or temporary memory. By enabling this technique to the page makes users to load the page faster than before, but the first time visit of the page it does not works it means it will work for regular users. But the first time it takes nearly 2.4 seconds for 30 components and after once the user visited the page from the next time it will be reduced to 0.9 seconds. But little flaw about this technique is it not works for first-time visitors.

Using CDN network:

CDN means Content Delivery Network, recently web pages are developing with this type of technology CDN enable the data required to the user in their geographic location. It means a person is an Indian the data he retrieves will be from the nearer server to him without circulating all around the world to fetch the data. By mapping this technique to the pages and can make it view in desired places according to the website owner which reduces the server traffic and makes a page to load fast.

Here it came to conclusion to the requirements and techniques to be needed for the best performance of the web pages. These are all the techniques which Local SEO Services optimizers use in order to get good traffic to the customer’s web pages. By adopting all the above-mentioned techniques can make a web page to load fast before following these techniques.

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