SEO Vs PPC for your Business in 2021

SEO Vs PPC for your Business in 2021

The emergence of pay per click (PPC) and SEO over the past few years has led many online marketers to believe that their online businesses would be unprofitable if they used only one or the other. SEO Pros vs PPC are a common argument. However, there are some significant differences between these two online marketing strategies. Both pay per click and SEO can be very useful for boosting your website's visibility online. Their differences lie primarily in the cost effectiveness of each. Let's take a closer look at these key points.

SEO Pros

Overtime, SEO tends to be cheaper than PPC when changes are implemented. Because you are not paying for ranking at the top, they stay effective even after making changes. Organic search engine ranking also has more credibility, because you are not paying for a spot at the top. Some Internet users will not click on a paid link. This can be beneficial, but SEO still has some advantages.

SEO Cons

SEO is not a guaranteed way to gain a top spot on Google. It takes time to build a strong organic ranking. Once established, your SEO efforts need to continue to keep pace with changing online behaviors. If you rely solely on SEO for marketing, you could be waiting a long time before you start seeing any results.

In addition, using SEO can take longer for you to see organic results. One of the reasons that SEO takes longer for you to get the best results is that it takes time for your ads to be displayed on websites that have high traffic. If you are focusing your marketing efforts on low-traffic landing pages, you may not get the best results. This is something worth considering if you are on a budget.


When you use SEO for marketing, you want to be sure that your keywords are relevant to the content and structure of your web pages. If you choose a keyword or keywords that are too general, you could risk overshadowing your site. If you choose keywords that are too specific, your ads will not show up on Landing Pages that are targeted for those particular terms. This is one reason why organic SEO is so often preferred over PPC, since PPC tends to show up where your ads target the most traffic. PPC experts always prefer Google ads only in favorable circumstances.

SEO VS Link Building

Organic SEO depends on good keyword research and plenty of link building. A great deal of effort is put into keyword research, and this can be very time consuming. On the other hand, if you do not have the time to do keyword research and you do not want to hire someone to build a website around a specific term, you might find that it is easier and cheaper to outsource link building. Many companies are available online that will do all of the linking for you, ensuring that you get the most of your online marketing budget.

SEO VS Pay-Per-Click

Organic SEO tends to be less expensive than PPC, but since pay-per-click ads can also bring in lots of traffic and therefore money, they are often seen as a better option. PPC requires you to pay each time someone clicks on one of your ads, but organic SEO methods tend to result in much lower click-through rates, which means that you do not pay as much money per ad. Organic SEO tends to give you a higher CTR (click through rate), but you may need to spend more money per ad depending on your budget and the competition in your niche.

When choosing between SEO Vs PPC, keep the above factors in mind, along with the importance of your landing page and keywords. Once you have determined which method is right for your business, it is just a matter of getting started. Start creating your ads now and start using SEO and PPC to improve the visibility of your website and increase your traffic.

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