Seven Mistakes To Avoid While Looking For A New Topic

Seven Mistakes To Avoid While Looking For A New Topic

Dissertation project requires a smooth topic for its execution. If you already had chosen a topic which has not been accepted, you might feel hard to rethink about what should possibly be the next topic? Students feel very uncomfortable when confronting with such situations and it might take may be few weeks for them to select a new topic for the dissertation. In this article, we will provide you necessary guidelines to avoid seven mistakes while looking for a new topic.

  • Not figuring out why your previous topic wasn’t accepted?

The first mistake you should avoid is not to figure out the reason that caused rejection of your dissertation topic. To figure out you need to consult your chairperson and ask for the reasons that why you weren’t able to choose it successfully. It might be because of multiple reasons. For instance, you might have chosen a topic which is outdated and is not being used in the modern world. Once you get to know about what lacked in choosing topic, you should not repeat that mistake again.

  • No Brainstorming

You need to brainstorm all the idea in your mind and think of a topic that is really suitable for you. We all have a lot of topics already in our mind on which we can possibly start our dissertation. It is just a matter of calling all that ideas together and see what can work best for us. Give yourself enough to think and look for a range of topics.

  • Not choosing an up-to-date topic

One mistake which a lot of students’ commit is that they choose a topic which is outdated. By that what we really mean is to see whether the topic chosen is being talked about in recent times or not. If not, don’t go for the topic which isn’t being used or discussed in recent 5 years. For instance, if your topic correlates with science then you must not select a topic related to theories which scientists used to discuss 50 years back. This won’t help you unless scientists of modern age are trying to revamp that theory and major changings have been made in that theory in the recent years.

  • Selecting a topic without having any prior knowledge

While finalizing the topic, always go for the topic in which you have prior knowledge. Selecting a complete new topic not having an inch of information about it would be a terrible idea as it will so difficult to get it to completion. This will allow you to go through the dissertation project quite smoothly without having any extra burden on your shoulders.

  • Not defining your topic as a research question

Always define your topic as a research question as it will help the audience understanding its main fundamental point. Keeping a general statement will not make it clear which question will be raised later in the research. We refer you to visit Sociology dissertation ideas in UK to have a more comprehensive view.

  • Choosing against your interest

Choosing a topic against your interest can might get your topic accepted, but won’t let you complete your dissertation writing. We know that our first aim is to choose a topic- but it will be of no use if we aren’t able to write anything about it. Dissertation writing isn’t about dragging contents to a point that it becomes so laborious and uncomfortable. Unless you don’t enjoy working on your dissertation, you won’t be able to write a good dissertation by any mean.

  • Not manageable in time

A huge mistake while choosing a topic is not to predict the approximate time that topic is going to take for its successful completion. Going for a topic which requires extensive and detailed analysis might take enough time on just literature review and data analysis in which you can complete a whole dissertation writing.


Gather a bunch of ideas to choose a topic and be sure that it complies with your interest so that you will be able to finish the dissertation in a timely and effective manner.

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