Signs Your Metabolism Is Slowing Down

Signs Your Metabolism Is Slowing Down

It’s not always easy to know when your metabolism is slowing down. You might start to feel sluggish, or you might feel like something isn’t quite right inside your body. You might even experience feelings of restlessness or fatigue. However, these symptoms won’t tell you if your metabolism is slowing down. Fortunately, there are some simple signs you can watch for, which may indicate that your metabolism isn’t working quite like it used to.

Exercise Has No Effect

It’s easy to find people who say losing weight is as simple as counting how many calories you eat. However, if you exercise often and don’t seem to be losing any weight, this is a sign of a slow metabolism. Due to slacking metabolism, some people can run 10 miles a day and never lose weight. A large part of losing weight is about the food you eat. If you can’t seem to lose weight despite the fact you exercise frequently, it’s very likely that your metabolism could use a boost.

Weight Gain Is Effortless

Maybe you’ve noticed that it’s much easier for you to gain weight. If you find that it’s actually easier for you to gain weight than to lose it, you’re probably dealing with a slow metabolism. In fact, this is the top sign to watch for. When this occurs, you’ll find that your old routines for weight loss are no longer effective. Adjusting your eating habits to reduce carbohydrate consumption and to increase fiber intake is an excellent way to counteract the effects of a sluggish metabolism.

Fat Accumulation in New Areas

If you’re like most people, then you’re very aware of your body’s appearance. You should be able to notice even the slightest changes in body fat. One of the signs that your metabolism is slowing down is fat accumulation in new areas. Everyone has certain areas of their body that easily accumulate fat, which are known as “trouble areas”. However, if you’re gaining new fat deposits in areas of your body where you’ve never noticed weight accumulating before, then you can probably thank a slowing metabolism.

You’re Gaining Weight Even When You’re Not Eating

If you’re dealing with a slowing metabolism, then you’re probably able to gain weight while eating barely any food. When you greatly restrict your diet, your body enters something called emergency mode. While the body is in emergency mode, it tries to store almost all of the food you eat as fat. To lose weight, your body actually requires you to give it enough food, which prevents it from entering emergency mode. The body needs food that boosts the metabolism — allowing it to starve will only slow your weight-loss efforts and further damage your metabolism.

Sugar Cravings in the Afternoon

If you truly believe your metabolism has come to a standstill, then you should see a trainer or doctor. By visiting these professionals, you can gain access to metabolic testing equipment, which can verify any metabolic changes. It’s an excellent way to find out for certain if it’s really slowing down. One of the top signs of a slowing metabolism is afternoon sugar cravings. A slow metabolism cannot regulate blood sugar properly, so your body will start to crave simple carbs and sugar. Natural cycles make the body want fuel in the afternoon, so if your metabolism isn’t working fast enough, your body will crave sugar around this time.

These are some of the top signs that could signal the slowing of your metabolic rate. However, contacting a trainer or doctor and undergoing some simple metabolic tests is the best way to really find out what is going on.

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