Simple DJ device packages for small events

Simple DJ device packages for small events

Buying a DJ device pack to host a small event DJ can be expensive, especially if you don't have your own device. However, if the company you run often hosts events, or even if you want to provide a portable solution for your family and friends, you can actually build your own system at a relatively low price.

Even if you are currently an amateur DJ looking to enter the professional market, buying a small DJ kit will provide you with the basic tools you need to perform in small venues such as clubs, auditoriums, and private meeting rooms. activity Center.

What to look for when purchasing a DJ device

With modern technology, the number of devices required for a simple setup is reduced. In the past, you needed a bulky turntable deck, mixer, and PA system to perform DJ performances on the road. If you use a CD deck, you will also need to invest in vinyl records or CDs. With modern systems, you can put the mixer and digital DJ controller in one package and start buying at a fairly low price.

One of the great items in a simple DJ setup is the Hercules DJ Control Wave M3. For beginner DJs and professionals, this is a great device and they need some super portable casual performances. It includes a built-in mixer, two virtual DJ controllers, and interfaces to iOS and Android devices as well as Mac and Windows PCs. You'll be able to easily carry your own digital music collection, and you can plug in this great unit as long as you want to perform in a small venue. Although it does not have all the features of a large DJ controller, it is versatile, compact and lightweight. These advantages make it ideal when you combine simple DJ equipment packages.

After taking care of the controller and music, you still need a basic wireless PA system to communicate the sound to the audience. Although some venues will have their own systems, many private venues will not be available, especially those that are not specifically designed for events that require DJs.

You don't have to buy a large live sound system for large events, but you can choose the affordable (but reliable) option. The best option is to choose an active speaker. These do not need to be amplified separately and become easier to set up and pack. For the smallest activity, you will only be able to use two active speakers, and if your budget is tight, you can skip the speaker stand when you first purchase the system. Although the stand can help the sound through the crowd, if you don't spend it, you can get out of trouble until you can spend more. A pair of EV 1000W active speakers is a good starting point, especially for the ZLX-12P model.

If you have some flexibility in your budget, consider choosing a pair of Peavey PVXp15P speakers. We package them with brackets and cables to ensure you have everything you need for both short-term and long-term needs.

With a digital DJ controllers for sale and a set of speakers, you can set up a DJ in small and medium-sized activities, and you don't need to carry a full box of equipment with you. When you purchase a DJ kit from our online store, you can even ship for free across the US.

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