Some Common Uses of Handicrafts

Some Common Uses of Handicrafts

The fact is that Indian handicraft segment is witnessing a boom and steady demand across the globe. Handicrafts are actually products that are created by artisans using their hands and traditional simple tools. They are popular in the market not just because of the variety and diverse product portfolio offered, but also for being unique.

They can be rightly termed to be the country’s cultural and traditional representations and unique representations. These are actually matchless expressions to showcase the natural heritage of humanity and has a unique identity. It is for this reason that Indian handicrafts are enjoying demand and growth in the world market.

Some common uses

It is their worthiness and usability factor that makes such crafts to be sold popularly across the globe. The different types of handicrafts do tend to have value in them that makes them special. Some of its typical uses are as follows:

  • Celebrations & Gifts: Gift presentations are given more importance by people across the globe. There are available gifts for everyone, be it for the retirement party, graduation, birthday parties, wedding ceremony, hard work recognition party, promotion party, colleague or clients company appreciation. Handicrafts do make excellent gifts on such occasions and sure to be loved. A handcrafted timepiece can be a worthy retirement gift given to clients or colleagues. Some typical wedding return gifts are a multicolor handmade embossed wooden box or multicolor marble Ganesh along with chowki.

  • Clothing & other wear:

    • Handcrafted wool to be worn as warmers: The world’s most beautiful and natural handcrafted item is stated to be the Pashmina Shawl. It is stated to be 100% manually created in Kashmir and found with superior embroidery and in bright colors. They are well known for their robust and soft design, hence, used popularly as warmers and is a huge demand in the international market.

    • Modern fashion designers and many fashion-conscious people prefer to use phulkaris silk bags and jackets, handcrafted jute from Assam and handcrafted leather from Madhya Pradesh.

  • Traditional Home Décor and Rights:

    • Quilts: beautiful colored quilts handcrafted by Indian women are popularly purchased to be given to guests as wedding return gifts. They also make excellent gifts for events like the child’s birthday, graduation and other important occasions. Quilts also find great use in the form of wall hangings, decorating the bed or as a tablecloth.

    • Handicrafts are also used for home decor like wall hangings etc.

    • Candleholder to symbolize belief: Handcrafted candles are available easily in the market in huge varieties, sizes, styles, and shapes. The carefully selected one is sure to add to the home’s beauty. One can choose from bird shaped candle stand to Buddha shaped candle holder, 4-storey Matki candle holder to the cylindrical wooden candle holder, etc. Such handcrafted holders and stands are used by a good number of homeowners both in the country and abroad to improve the beauty and looks of the home as well as to mark the traditional culture, religion, and rites.

    • The other types of handicraft items that are available are Dry fruit box, wall hangings, pen stand, Buddha statues, desk organizers, key holders, etc. These are used as home décor.


The truth is that Indian handicrafts do find many uses and are popular abroad.

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