Some Tips While Hiring A Skip Bin

Some Tips While Hiring A Skip Bin

Skip bins are essential when you know that you are producing a waste, a regular bin cannot suffice. These include household disposals, garden waste, renovation waste, commercial & industrial waste, etc. That is why; hiring a skip bin is a great way to get rid of waste disposal efficiently and quickly.

Choosing the right company to hire a skip bin can be a hard task. You might be reaching out for a cheap company which at the same time provides high-quality service.

So how to decide which type of skip bin you need? This article is a guide to consider while hiring a skip bin. It will help you get rid of the hassle you make by visiting your local waste tip, now and then.

Determine the of the Skip Bin

Generally, most people hire skip bins ranging from two to eight cubic meters. Always hire a skip bin keeping in mind the amount and type of waste you want to get rid of. For example, if you are disposing of various types of waste, then you may hire several small skip bins.

On the other side, hiring a bit larger skip bin can be a safe option. Sometimes what happens is the amount of waste produced is more than the expected one. In such cases, if you have hired a larger bin, then you can get rid of the hassle of asking your supplier for another bin.

Some suggestive skip bins are:

2m3 – To undertake small, residential cleaning projects.

3m3 – When you are shifting your house or cleaning your backyard.

6m3 – To get rid of huge waste materials.

10m3 – To clear waste of large construction businesses.

12m3 – To clean a dead estate or house strip-out.

Segregate the Waste into Different Types

You need to segregate and determine the type of waste which you wish to get rid of. Many companies are nowadays focusing on separating the rubbish before disposing of it. It would be beneficial if you try this practice at your home.

Some categories of wastes are:

• General waste – The wastes that come from household and business rubbish falls under general waste. However, hazardous waste, freezers, and fridges do not come under this category.

• Green waste – Grass and garden cutting include in the green waste category on the contrary, tree stumps, soil, compost, or high carbon waste.

• Solid fill waste – Building site waste materials, such as concrete, bricks, tiles, sand, etc. come under this category.


No matter what job you do, you always have a financial budget in mind that you should not shake. That is why; finding a company that offers reliable skip bins, yet inexpensive is very necessary.

While buying a skip bin, compare the prices and other vital features of different companies. You can also ask your friends or relatives about the services of a particular company.

Skip bin prices Gerringong vary from one company to another. Many local companies in Gerringong are selling affordable skip bins of the best quality.

Always Hire From A Reputed Skip Bin Company

Whenever you decide to hire a skip bin, always hire from a renowned company. Quality always comes first, so it is essential not to get allured by companies that offer rock-bottom prices.

It is necessary to hire from the company, the one that promises quality services at affordable prices. You need to make sure that the company you hire from must provide timely services.

Also, you should make sure that the service company is abiding the rules of the land and has the license to work as a skip bin company.

Determine the Place You’ll Place the Bin

Determining the place where you are going to place your skip bin is the paramount decision to make. Always remember, skip bins are bulky, and once filled, they will be unable to move quickly.

So carefully plan the area for your skip bin. Also, determining the perfect area can make it easy for the company to drop your skip bin.

Here are some suggestive places for you to heed on:

• You should ensure not to place the bin near the area where you are dumping your waste.

• Make sure that the area which you are using to place your container should be flat and hard. You can level your container by placing solid wooden blocks on certain surfaces.

• Also, make sure that the waste disposal company can quickly drive to your chosen area. So, ensure this beforehand that your gates are large enough to let a truck go through.

Wrapping Up

This article is a heads-up guide for those who want to get rid of substantial waste disposals. It is essential to the surroundings clean, which is why if your regular dustbin can no longer bear your waste material, hire a skip.

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