Steps to make good connection with candidates

Steps to make good connection with candidates

Finding a new job is a stressful task for any jobseeker as it has many steps like searching for work, preparing an application, sending it in, talking to a recruiter.

All these steps can be easily done if the job seeker search jobs in a recruiter directory or employment agency list. Leading employment agency allows employers to list them in recruiter list where any jobseeker can find a recruiter.

But after these steps, the next set of step is to be done by the employer to create a relationship with the candidate. This process needs empathy and understanding of the reasons that’s drive the job seeker psychologically and emotionally.

If you really understand what motivates candidates, then you can help them by providing the right support and guidance throughout. But to get a happy and successful new hire, it is very important to choose such a match which is truly mutual. But how can we make this happen? So let’s take a look at the steps to make a good connection with candidates suggested by the best employment agency.

Step 1: Listen and learn

There are many factors which can force candidates to start a job search. It may be because of any disagreement with the boss, dissatisfaction for compensation, frustration on limited opportunities for career growth at their current company or it may be because of fear like the company has been seeing declines in their business and, in expectation of layoffs; the employee is getting a head start on their job search.

With various potential factors in play, the employer has to quickly identify what’s that one thing which matters for each unique individual. So listen more than you talk. Stay curious. Try to ask open-ended questions that can investigate at the underlying reasons for a move, or the candidate’s career motivators in general. But, the main thing to be considered above all is, listen carefully whatever the candidate said.

Sometimes it is difficult to understand the root issue with the first answer. Therefore, many recruiters leave it there and move on. But best recruiter never satisfies with the surface level response; they investigate for more detail and help the candidate visualize the idea of what they would like those development opportunities to be. When the candidate actually shares what will make them really happy in their career, and then the recruiter can help them by showing the ways in which those goals become possible if they make a move. The recruiter also tries to make them see that their ideal situation is possible if he/she joints the job, and the probability of them accepting an offer at the end of the process is going to be far better.

Step 2: Helping candidates fall in love

Once you recognize the candidate’s motivators, you can begin to personalize the experience. On the other hand, remember that the drivers leading a person to initiate for new job search are different from those which will make them fall in love with the new job at your company.

The interview process is the best place where a candidate can offer a personalized experience. While standardization of questions that are asked in an interview across candidates is advisable, there is no reason the overall experience needs to fit the exact same mold for each individual. Showing the exact program, perk and benefit to everyone you speak with is not an appealing strategy.

If you find one candidate who has the travel bug, and there is a generous PTO policy at your company. In this case, you will want to highlight this program because it is likely to serve as a motivator in this case. More time off than natural means you can offer your candidate to travel when their kids are off school, which your competitors may not offer. For others, you might uncover motivators like flexible working hours, money, location, or the ability to make social connections. Outstanding recruiters will use this information to style their approach accordingly.

Step 3: Making the decision to commit

Hence it is the time to make the offer. If you get a ‘yes’ then reconfirm all the motivators and present it with a focus on understanding and accommodating the candidate’s needs.

That employer who mechanically presents an offer in two minutes is doing big damage; this certainly overemphasizes the financial aspects. But the assumption that candidate only gets motivated for financial reasons is not true.

Hence, to get more tips on making good connection with the candidates kindly communicate the best employment agency today!

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