Steps to Take if You Were Involved in a Slip and Fall Accident

Steps to Take if You Were Involved in a Slip and Fall Accident

You can never know when a slip and fall accident can occur. A fall accident is very common at workplaces, but what people don’t realize is that there is an equal amount of possibility to fall and injure yourself when shopping at a grocery store or supermarket.

Slip and fall accident accounts for many major injuries to the shoulder, back, head, and spine. So it is very important to be aware of what your options are if you ever get into an accident. It is natural to not know what to do when you slip and fall in a store. This is why if you are prepared for such an injury, you can quickly assess the situation and take the necessary steps to seek compensation.

Below are some common steps to take immediately after you had a slip and fall accident at a store.

Step 1 - Visit The Doctor

You may not realize this but when you fall, there is a high probability that you may suffer from an internal injury. A lot of people who are involved in fall accidents have to seek help from a shoulder surgeon because this kind of accident commonly causes a shoulder dislocation. There are other injuries to worry about as well such as the back, head, or spinal injury.

After getting into an accident, the first step should always be to seek emergency medical help.

Step 2 - Investigate The Source of Accident

If you intend to sue the company for the accident, you must be able to provide evidence. After a slip and fall accident, carefully identify the source. Look around the shop floor and determine if the injury was indeed caused by negligence on the store’s part.

You could have fallen because of the wet floor, or there may be a lot of obstacles on the shop floor that caused you to fall. Whatever the case is, make sure you document it well for later.

Step 3 - Take Pictures

To support your claim, make sure to take plenty of photos of the scene. The staff may try to take photographs but you must fight your way. The pictures will later help you out significantly in your defense, especially if you claim compensation through a lawsuit.

Step 4 - Talk to Other Customers

If you had this accident on a busy shop floor, try and seek help from other customers. You will need them to become witnesses if you intend to take the compensation claim to the court. A lot of customers will be willing to help you out. You only need to ask them.

Step 5 - Call a Lawyer

If you are going to seek compensation, whether, from an insurance company or the responsible party, you are going to need legal help. A lawyer will be able to identify a loophole in the case and strengthen it for your cause. They are also excellent negotiators when it comes to any kind of settlement. So make sure to get in touch with a lawyer as soon as you get the time.

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