Storage Services For Individuals And Businesses In Singapore

Storage Services For Individuals And Businesses In Singapore

D Storage provides spaces on rent for storage in Singapore. The company offers large, clean and secure storage spaces for both personal as well as business goods. Whether you want to store furniture, electronic equipments, business files or other kinds of goods, you can enlist D storage for Storage space rental Singapore. The storage space available with the company range from 100 to 10,000 square feet. Reasonable rates and round the clock security are the key features of the storage services offered by the company.

Personal storage

D Storage provides storage facilities for personal belongings. The storage service can be utilized to store your belongings when you are either renovating or house or shifting to a new house. The household items stay safe and secure during the period.

You may also need Extra space storage if you are living in an apartment with limited storage space or you need to stock commercial items for selling. In such a case, you can store all your non-essential personal possessions in the storage facility owned and operated by D storage. This way you free up space in your apartment while your personal belongings remain safe and secure. You can also store items of sentimental values which you don’t want to discard in the storage facility. The storage service is also useful for people who want to temporarily free up space in their homes to accommodate friends or relatives coming to stay with them.

Business storage

D storage offers long and short term storage facilities for business organizations. Import export companies which do not have enough space in their warehouses or do not have the budget to own and operate their own warehouses, can use the storage service to keep their import/export quality goods safe and secure. Businesses can also utilize the storage service for storing stocks, supplies and equipments throughout the year. Excess stock can be stored in the warehouses offered by D storage. Sample products and equipments can also be stored in the storage facilities.

D storage also offers Document storage service during relocation of offices. Important documents are stowed securely in the storage facility for the duration of the relocation process. Apart from documents, office furniture and gadgets such as computers, printers, etc. are also stored.

Size calculation

The Storage Facilities Singapore offered by D storage are of various dimensions. The size estimator team provides correct size estimation as per the volume of the goods, accessibility and the budget of the client.

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