The bathroom styles you can consider for a bathroom refurbishment

The bathroom styles you can consider for a bathroom refurbishment

The bathroom has evolved into different meanings as our society has grown more modern. It’s not just a place to wash your teeth and body now, but regarded a place to relax and refresh yourself. You’ll find many homeowners wanting the best bathtub for bathing in their exclusive, cool bath bombs, as well as many other features that make it their own. As a bathroom installation sunderland is considered a sanctuary now, homeowners are taking more pride into getting their bathroom design sunderland right. So, if this sounds like you right now, it’s understandable you want bathroom fitters sunderland to get your washroom design just right. However, if you need some inspiration for designs, the following should hopefully spark some.

The Modern washroom

If you’re a big fan of minimalist design, the modern bathroom design sunderland is definitely up your street. Although this kind of bathroom intends to have little in it, what remains provides a bold and simple sight when entering the room. Additionally, when opting for different bathroom fixtures and features, these tend to be in straight lines which helps to define everything individually. If you question what materials are usually adopted in a modern bathroom installation sunderland, these are porcelain, marble and any vibrant stone which brings light to a room.

Contemporary design

This kind of bathroom design sunderland fitting also adopts a minimalist design, however, the ways it is presented is different. A contemporary bathroom is clutter free, with old style accents of polished wood as well as traditional polished metal fixtures like taps and plug holes. Although this is a traditional look, its contrast of light and dark colours makes any smaller features really stand out. So, if you don’t quite like the idea of a modern bathroom, but want a minimalist look then you should definitely consider contemporary design when speaking to your bathroom fitters sunderland.

Farm Style

Farmhouse designs are increasingly popular nowadays, as it incorporates traditional barnhouse looks and adding modern twists to them. If you decide on this kind of bathroom installation sunderland, ensure you have lots of wood showing, whether polished or not, and have contrasting white washroom features. You’ll often find standalone bathtubs in these kinds of bathrooms, so this is something you should heavily consider if you’re a big fan of relaxing.


The Victorian era saw quite a few changes when it came to the washroom. This era is when the standalone cast iron bathtubs really took off, and therefore the increasing appreciation of being able to wash easily. The victorian style bathroom is still popular today, and is commonplace in modern homes. Typically, this style adopts a lot of white fixtures and features, with polished metal elements. Porcelain is a massive feature with victorian period bathrooms, so if you truly want to achieve this design be sure to ask your bathroom fitters sunderland about the options available for this.

The above are only some of so many bathroom styles available today. There is certainly something for everyone, so if you want to find out more about what is available, it’s never a bad idea to visit your nearest showroom to see what they have on offer for you.

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