The benefits of applying ice on your face will surprise you

The benefits of applying ice on your face will surprise you

You too have often heard people say that if you want to bring glow to your face then apply ice. You may have even seen some people doing this.
Few people will know that by applying ice on the face, the dark circles are removed and the face always remains fresh. If you do not like to apply too much makeup, then you should use ice regularly. By doing this, the face always remains fresh.

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In addition, it also removes stains. Do not apply ice in one place only. It is important to roll the ice across the face. Also neck it.

However, while applying ice, always keep in mind that your skin does not come in direct contact with ice. If this happens, the skin can become red due to too much cold. Wrap ice in a soft cloth. One more important thing, if you have to go somewhere for a long time and you want your makeup to last longer, then apply ice before applying it. After applying ice, dry the face with a soft cloth and after that apply makeup.

Such makeup lasts for a long time. Applying ice on the face keeps the face soft and soft. It also provides relief in sunburn. Even if you are struggling with the problem of tanning, it can be an effective solution. It would be beneficial to do this even once in a day.

If you have a lot of pain in getting thredding, you can use ice. Rub ice over and around eyebrows before threading. Threading is done after cleaning the water lightly. You will have much less pain than before. Also, rubbing ice on red skin after threading or waxing is beneficial.

For glowing face
Applying ice on the face increases blood circulation, which causes the face to glow. In addition, it is also helpful in reducing wrinkles and aging marks. If you want better results, then put the fruit juice in an ice cube tray and then apply it on the face.
To dark circle
Different types of products are available in the market to remove dark circles under the eyes. But if you want, you can use ice. These are effective as well as safe. If you want better results, then you can store cucumber juice and rose water in ice cube tray. With this use, the problem of dark circles will be solved very quickly.

To remove acne
As soon as red marks appear on the face, snow can be applied on it. If you want better results, you can boil neem or mint leaves and store them in ice cube tray. Acne will not increase and face will also be clear.

For clean skin
Ice facials not only makes the skin glow, but also makes it spotless. It is very easy and effective.

When a sprain is swollen and the pain is severe, bake ice on it, mix salt, hot water and sesame oil and soak the cloth in place of the sprain two days after the sprain. This will cure sprain soon and will also relieve pain.

Stop hiccups
Hiccups are stopped by just licking ice.

Soak the fingers of both hands in ice water, tie a cotton bandage and soak it with ice water, pour water on it after every five minutes, this will help reduce the temperature of fever.

Stop blood on injury
If the bleeding is bleeding, tie a bandage of ice water, and keep a piece of ice on top. This stops bleeding.

Rescue after sunstroke
Take the clothes off the air and let it cool, sponge it with ice water, soak a sheet in ice water and wrap it on the body, do this until the fever of 102 degrees. Due to this, the effect of the heat starts to disappear.

Hold an ice piece between the thumb and index finger, the finger near the thumb, in an acupuncture (ho ku point). According to a psychoanalyst at the University of Canada, 78 percent of patients are seen to benefit from it. He is getting rid of headaches by pricking needles in Chinese (Ho Koo Point) for centuries. Doctor Melzek has used ice in place of needle. Ho ku points are such a point in the body that it stops sending signals of pain to the brain.

Remove skin smoothness
Barf ke twacha ke liye fayde - Wrapping a piece of ice in a cloth and rubbing it on the face reduces the smoothness of the skin. Skin beauty also increases.

Stop vomiting easily
After repeated vomiting, sucking the ice stops vomiting. It is also beneficial in vomiting of Heja.

Use ice when you are not hungry
In the absence of hunger due to heat, drinking ice water one hour before eating, the hunger becomes open.

In the summer season, by rubbing snow on the potatoes, the potatoes are removed.

Ice is a painkiller
Anywhere there is pain, whatever be the new chronic pain, whether it is in the waist, in the calf, put ice in a plastic bag and bake continuously for fifteen minutes. If pain is new then bake every hour. Do it again when the pain subsides, if the pain is chronic, then bake the turkey daily, it will be beneficial in the pain.

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