The future of football is not in the field

The future of football is not in the field

The future of football is not in the field, but on the web, and the credit goes as always to new technologies. Soon the real director of the ball will not be Ibrahimovic on duty, but the spectator himself, because he will decide from which perspective to admire his own champions. In fact, a series of hi-tech innovations are coming that will make football a sport more and more similar to reality shows.

A sort of real Big Brother with a swirl of cameras placed around the stands, which will allow the viewer to zap, zoom, and browse around the green rectangle. So we talk about a revolution that will increasingly put the viewer at the center of the service. The experience will be unique, immersive, highly personalized, with the fundamental help of VR and augmented reality.

A New Role in Football

Not only passion, support and friends in tow, this time the game will be at the center of an increasingly interactive service: the remote control will in fact represent a door to an interactive world to say the least, with the possibility of change between the numerous cameras in 5K installed around the playing field.

Basic requirement: you will need to have a fast internet connection, since today you can send the dear old phone to the bench, now out of use.

Connected to the network, the viewer will be able, on a single platform, to take advantage of all the streaming applications (SKY for example) and review the most important actions or matches. From spectator to director: with the new technologies, in the near future, the user will be able to zoom and move on the green rectangle as if he were right next to his own champions. A real revolution awaits us, a new way to experience football and follow it live.

The future: from robots to artificial intelligence

Not only a real television direction, but, as our colleagues at suggest, robotic technologies could upset our way of approaching everyday things, and the same is true for football, so beware of robot: football could soon shift to chip-based scenarios and algorithmic computing.

Already today, several universities have designed "robots" capable of playing football. Yet the calculations and the numbers will also help human beings, as in the case of injury recovery, and in determining which is the best training for each athlete.

More and more global football is trying to increase its public more and more, intriguing it with increasingly fascinating challenges. And the TV of the future seems to follow this trend: it will use artificial intelligence as a whole, to put the spectator more and more often in the heart of the stage.

All that remains is to wait for the outcome of these experiments, because the future is liquid, it evolves with each passing day, thanks to a business technology that grows in unthinkable ways.

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