The Most Important Thing: Which Diamond Should be Good

The Most Important Thing: Which Diamond Should be Good

Every diamond is unique. With your choice you choose a rare and precious gift from nature. Older than many a star in the night sky, a diamond has had a long journey on its way to its wearer. To the Greeks they were the tears of the gods, in ancient Rome they were thought to be fragments of stars.

For queens, they were a symbol of power. They are still a status symbol for celebritiesand are displayed on the red carpet. The mystical and magical aura of the diamonds makes them so desirable.

What no stationary jeweler will ever tell you: you can choose the diamond for your ring yourself. And it's easier and cheaper than you think. Because there is not only the round diamond shape (brilliant). Drops, princess, emerald, and pillows are just a few shapes to give an example.

Would you like a small or a larger stone? It would be a shame if you opted for a ring model that is outside your budget because the stone is too big. Or the other way around. The model is beautiful, but the stone could be a little more lush. Online you can determine all 10 diamond criteria yourself - not just the famous 4 Cs. Polishing, symmetry and fluorescence are also factors that influence the price and quality of a diamond.

So you are extremely restricted here at the stationary jeweler and run the risk of buying a pig in a poke. Because the value of the diamond is far below the selling price. This alone shows the fact that those diamonds do not have a GIA, HRD or AGS certificate.

You can get a lot more out of your budget from custom engagement rings: the stone should be as big as possible? Then screw down all other qualities like color, cut, clarity, fluorescence, etc. and you get a much bigger stone for the same budget. The other way round: if you want a very sparkling stone for custom engagement rings london, set the characteristics of purity and cut, polish, symmetry as high as possible.

The stone could be a bit smaller in weight, but it has a nice diamond fire. The diamond experts at Bespoke Forever also have a tool with which they can determine the sparkle of the diamond online. And before you decide on a stone and for free. That is part of the service.

Price transparency - cheaper is sometimes even better

If you choose the jeweler around the corner, you often neglect several points: Not only is the model selection restricted and the diamond in the ring is already fixed. There is also a lack of transparency in pricing.

Not only the diamond prices are not updated at the stationary provider, you also pay storage staff, security costs, shop rent and the margin of the middleman along with sales staff. If you want more for your money and a diamond of conflict-free origin, it is also worth looking here online.

Many costs are eliminated online, which has a correspondingly positive impact on pricing. For this reason, you can buy your ring up to 70% cheaper - and on better terms.

Tip: The engagement ring is worn on the ring finger of the left hand. So watch which rings your loved one wears on this finger. You can then simply measure them using a ring size chart.

Attention when shipping the engagement ring

Some online providers require caution. Because often unexpected costs are hidden. Be it taxes or shipping. In the latter case, you will receive your piece of jewelry, but can no longer send it insured in the event of a return. Its good to buy best engagement rings London.

Get advice from real diamond jewelry experts

If you already put in a decent amount for a unique ring with symbolic value, then you can also expect advice from a professional expert. Here too, unfortunately, it must be admitted that the stationary jeweler has neither a gemologist nor a goldsmith on hand who can answer more detailed questions, let alone give objective advice. Because the customer is king, but the seller is only a seller - and mostly on a commission basis. This is not the case with

The engagement rings London uk quality should be high because it present your personality on your special day.

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