The Reasons Behind of Buying Custom Headphone/Earbud

The Reasons Behind of Buying Custom Headphone/Earbud

The technical differences between the headphones that go inside the ears, those that are placed on them, and those that cover them are some reasons for buying the best custom headphone. Everything you need to know before going out to buy the best wireless Bluetooth headphones or custom earbud, you will find here.

For a combination of cost and performance, wired headphones were beating the wireless one. But thanks to the recent improvements in the Bluetooth protocol that allows it to increase the distance range and reduce energy consumption, the technical and economic gap was retracted. And there are models for those who practice sports, which aims to synchronize with the TV or listen to music on the bus, without leaving wires in sight.

Main Reasons for Buying Custom Headphone


The fidelity of an earphone is determined by the size of its speaker, the area in which the speaker is stored and the electronic components. It is understood that the greater its dimension, the better results will be obtained in response to frequency, impedance, power, and sensitivity.

Bluetooth Technology

The Bluetooth connectivity has matured and its use has become more widespread. They offer a liberating experience, without wires and worries. With a greater range of movement and ideal for travelling on public transport or doing sports.

The fifth generation of Bluetooth has more range and speed than previous versions. It maintains low energy consumption and high security with encryption and doubled its speed to 5120 kbps. At the moment, only some high-end equipment incorporate it, as is the case of the Galaxy family (S8, S9, Note) from Samsung and the A8 is added to it.

Like all wireless devices, these headphones are supplied with power to operate. In this field, the autonomy time they offer between one load and another establishes the first great distinction. The logic indicates that those that reach a longer duration are those that have a larger battery, which translates into an extra weight in the handset. The disconnection of the lightest is in 3 hours and the bulkiest can withstand up to 7 hours.

With Bluetooth headphones, you just have to connect to the cell phone and continue with the activities without having any device on top. In addition, there is no need to worry about compatibility with other devices, because if you have Bluetooth, you can connect to different devices.

To avoid having to take the phone out of the pocket, these headphones incorporate extra features such as volume control buttons and touch panels to move forward / backward songs. The most sophisticated add the cancellation or reduction of noise which turns it in one of the best custom earbuds.

Built-in Microphone

Another option that can not be missing is something as elementary as a microphone and is another reason why customers search for when choosing their custom headphone. The idea is that if one is listening to music on the device and receives a call, the sound is automatically paused. This is valid for both wireless and with wire. At the same time, it is more comfortable as do not need to take the phone out of the pocket.

Design and Size

Not all auditory pavilions have the same folds, a drawback that is evident when trying to use small headphones. The model used should allow long listening sessions, without the person being overwhelmed by the weight or pressure of its structure. That is why a custom earbud includes size and design as it should be comfortable as well.


When evaluating the purchase, many people consider the fastening system and the materials of the different parts. It is important to check the foam quality of the pads, the type of silicone and the materials that are in contact with the skin.

Isolation System

Another reason that many customers take into account when choosing their custom earphone is the acoustic insulation they offer and the way they adapt to the ear, they are classified as intra-ear or In-ear, supra-aural or On-ear and Over-ear.

Intra-earphones (those that go inside the ears) are the smallest and most discrete type, seal the ear canal to isolate external noises. Being so light, they are the best option for those who practice sports. While the On-ear, to support the ears, are ideal for long trips or activities that do not require great movement. The Over-ear covers the ears completely and because of their size, they offer the best sound quality. Being large is the indicated option to connect to the Bluetooth of the TV.

Wireless Design

The evolution of traditional headphones is commanded by the so-called True Wireless Stereo whose most recognizable feature is that the right channel is not linked to the left one by any cable or connector but are independent pieces. Among the most iconic models are the Samsung Gear Icon X and the Apple AirPods that add a minimalist design to the quality.

These headphones are chosen by athletes, only that being so small, they have a battery that runs out more easily. To solve this issue, the case where it is stored, also acts as a portable charger, which means that just with by putting them together for a while is enough to achieve another time of autonomy.

To synchronize, these headphones connect first one of them with the smartphone and then the other one is linked to the main one and they are paired with each other, always through the Bluetooth link.

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