The Use of Lithotripter Machine In Kidney Stones Removal

The Use of Lithotripter Machine In Kidney Stones Removal

A Lithotriper machine is one of the biggest breakthroughs in medical science. It has simplified the process of removing kidney stones from the human body. The machine consists of several complex moving parts that allow the machine to remove stones. A number of highly reliable Lithotripsy manufacturers make these machines and supply them to hospitals and medical centers.

The machine is non-invasive in nature and uses electromagnetic waves in order to break down the kidney stones as the patient waits in the water in the bath. The lithotripsy machine does not need the surgeon to perform any surgery to grind the stones into smaller pieces. Once all the stones are broken into pieces, they are able to pass through the urine, thus, eliminating them from the body.

Process of Removing Stones

Lithotripsy machine is able to break the kidney stones into finer pieces with the help of high energy shock waves. The whole process takes from 45 minutes to 1 hour for its completion and is a painless process.

Once the process starts, the machine examines the body of the patient and look for the stones within a target area of 1.5cm of focus reflector. As the machine finds out the stones within the target range, it starts aligning itself and performs the treatment.

Once the process is complete, all the crumbled stones are able to pass through with the urine and are completely eliminated from the patient's body. The machine is mainly utilized for the removal of kidney stones as they deal damage to a person's body if they remain in the kidney for a long time. They can damage the functionality of the kidneys, may cause excessive bleedings and cause urinary tract infections among various other problems.

By using the lithotriper machine, it becomes simple for the surgeons to eliminate kidney stones from a person's body. While there are several ways through which stones can be eliminated from one's body, Lithotripsy is by far the best, as it allows the patient to go through a painless and fast method of removal. However, before the whole process starts, the surgeon informs you about a few things that you must keep in your mind.

Things to Keep in Mind

Before the process begins, the surgeon will ask you to stop taking any kind of medicine that can thin your blood. Any medicines like Warfarin or Aspirin make it hard for the blood to clot, which is why they must not be eaten. The patient is also recommended to not eat anything before the whole process starts. The medicine must only be ingested with a tiny sip of water.

The whole process of removal goes smoothly and the elimination process is with ease. However, the smoothness of the whole process also depends on the size of the stones to be removed and whether they are located in an easy to gauge area.

As the procedure is complete, the patient is allowed to go home within 2 hours. With the use of a machine, people can get relief from kidney stones in a matter of hours. It has made way for an effective solution.

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