These Cosmetic Procedures Are Picking Up the Trend

These Cosmetic Procedures Are Picking Up the Trend

There was a time when people doubted the ability and effectiveness of cosmetic and plastic surgeries. A certain stigma was associated with the idea of getting a cosmetic procedure done. Suffice it to say, it took a lot of guts for someone to actually go for a treatment considering all the mythical risks people attached to it.

Now, especially during the lockdown of the pandemic crisis, people are lining up to set an appointment with their favourite surgeons. Since you can get everything from liposuction, rhinoplasty, tummy tucks and the best laser hair removal in Dubai, there’s no longer room for doubt. The current era has confirmed that cosmetic procedures are only going to pick up more fame and demand in the coming years. This is largely due to the successful results achieved through the most advanced and innovative means humankind has as of yet.

You can find the following cosmetic procedures becoming famous and more common with each passing day:


By far, one of the most demanded surgical treatments in the world is rhinoplasty. This is a cosmetic procedure that involves making alterations to the surface, structure and the anatomy of the nose. There are two types of procedures that are commonly called a ‘nose job’. One of them is rhinoplasty while the other is septoplasty. The former is for cosmetic purposes while the latter is for injuries and health-related issues such as trouble in breathing, etc.

In a rhinoplasty procedure, your surgeon will make incisions on the sides or bottom of your nose. This depends upon the kind of treatment you’re going for and the goals of the procedure. After making these incisions, the doctors are able to move the structure of the nose around to provide symmetry, alignment and achieve other cosmetic goals. As a patient, you’ll probably be under an anaesthetic and thus, you won’t be able to feel any pain. However, it’s mandatory that you follow the precautions your surgeons advise you to the letter. These precautions are not just for post-surgery care. It also involves the type of precautions that you’ll have to observe before coming for the actual surgery as well.


The days of the traditional liposuction are over. CoolSculpting is on its way to becoming the most famous weight reduction procedure in the world. With smart technology that involves using two paddles that your surgeon holds around the loose skin on your body. This skin could be anywhere from your chin to your waistline or even your abdomen and hips. These paddles are in charge of performing the procedure that has the name of cryolipolysis. What this does is freeze the deposits of fat that sit under the skin which is targeted by the paddles.

This excess fat is then instantly cooled to a point when it freezes off and excretes out of your body. Although it’s an easy and fast procedure, the final results of the procedure can take a few months to show. However, you can still view credible and appreciable results in a few weeks as well.

Breast Augmentation and Reduction

Although these are two different procedures, they’re both becoming increasingly popular. Both men and women are lining up to get their desired results in terms of dealing with their upper torso. Breast augmentation is a procedure that is mostly in demand for the women who find problems with the unevenness, volume or shape of their breasts. Moreover, patients of breast cancer along with those who are recovering from breastfeeding their newborns are prime subjects for this surgery.

Breast reduction is a surgery that involves reducing the size of your breasts. A lot of people, especially men who face scrutiny due to being overweight opt for this surgery. In addition to this, women who feel like their breasts are becoming too lumpy and saggy can also try going for augmentation as well as reduction. Depending upon each case, your surgeon will be able to determine which procedure will suit you the best.

No matter which procedure you go for, it’s crucial that you find the best plastic surgeons to perform it. The results, effects and much more depends upon the specialization and experience of the surgeon. Although these procedures are available at variable costs around the world, not all surgeons are equally experienced. Neither will they all charge you the same. So, make a wise choice and go for what’s best.

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