Things Maid of Honor Shouldn’t Forget to do during Wedding Ceremony

Things Maid of Honor Shouldn’t Forget to do during Wedding Ceremony

The chief members of the wedding are the couple who is getting married to each other but there are many people who plays important role to make the event grand, lavish and memorable. The couple and their relation are associated as the symbol of lifetime love and it’s a great role for hoisting the wedding. Likewise, couple’s family is important too, for the event. They are involved in the every event to support both of them planning & managing the event like hiring the vendors, designing wedding cards, shopping etc.

Now we come to bridesmaids and the maid of honor, these are the people who have been associated with great characters because they all are considered as the helping hand or right hand of the bride. The maid of honor is an important role to have for your special day. When the bride begins planning about wedding, the maid of honor is basically the bride’s right hand girl during the planning and designing phase of the event as well as the day of the event. There are number of things that ensure that she is able to perform her duties and have a great time on your wedding altogether.

She holds bride’s bouquet

This is the most honorable job during the wedding as she holds bride’s bouquet during the ceremony and when the couple is called as the man & wife for the first time. But when the bride moves for the walk up the wedding aisle during the ceremony, the bride often forget to hand the bouquet. Such thing happens due to the excitement.

Checking bride’s makeup and hair style

Of course, wedding ceremony is all about the bride but that doesn’t mean the maid of honor shouldn’t care about her own looks & appearance. She is special too for the event so let her take a moment to touch up the makeup and set her hair before the photos begins to click during the reception.

Take a break to go to the bathroom

The wedding ceremony takes a long day, all of the bridesmaids should get enough time breaks to go to the wash room to get freshen up. The bride of honor takes care and manages everything and help the bride with her dress while her trip to bathroom.


The maid of honor should care for bride’s meal, she not only manages a plate of meal for her during the cocktail hour but she should not forget to bring a plate of food for herself too.

Greet and welcome the guest

It is responsibility of the bride and groom to greet and welcome the guest built they are official hosts for the wedding too. In this case, its maid of honor’s duties to offer to lend a hand if any of the guests need anything and make them comfortable too.

Except these, you have to keep everyone on track and don’t drink too much so you can manage the anything happening in & around the ceremony.

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