Apart from holding the memory of a moment in time, your jewelry signifies your unique personality. So, it’s reasonable to get emotional when you realize that your prongs are damaged, or your stone is loose. No need to panic, though; you’ll be pleased to know that your piece of precious jewelry can be repaired and restored. But, first things first. You may have heard the terms Jewelry restoration and repair, and you probably wonder what’s the difference between the two.

Follow us closely for the things you should know about your precious jewelry’s repair and restoration.

Qualified Technician

Your bespoke jewelry is a valued timepiece; if you are dropping it off for repair, you should, by all means, know if the technician is qualified and experienced. The peace of mind that comes with knowing your jeweler well is supreme. Do whatever it takes to research several jewelers, but of course, from recommendations from your family and friends you trust.

Is the Repair Outsourced

It’ll be essential to find out if the repair will be done locally or shipped out. Many jewelry shops have the necessary repairs done in-house. If they plan to take it somewhere else for repair, the process will be longer than anticipated. You’ll have confidence knowing that where you dropped your treasured bespoke jewelry will be the same place to collect.

Get a Quote

The amount you’ll spend to fix your jewelry should not be a mystery as you wouldn’t drop your car at a mechanic and leave without an estimate, the same with your treasured piece. Remember to discuss the pricing with your jeweler, but it shouldn’t be nearly as much as you bought. Be sure to leave with a quote and receipt indicating that dropped off your jewelry.

Repair Duration

It’s essential to be advised when you can collect your piece of jewelry after dropping it off. Getting a time frame will help you not to wait impatiently. Let’s face it; some jewelry repairs can take a couple of minutes, while others take several days. It’ll take more time if the jeweler needs to replace a piece that’s not available. Get the jeweler to provide you with a reasonable completion time.

In Conclusion

Your valuable jewelry will wear out at some point, and getting damaged is inevitable. It’s not only of great value to you monetary but sentimentally too. So, invest the same consideration and care in the repair and restoration of your precious jewelry.

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