This Is How The Food Industry Maintain Cold Room Efficiently

This Is How The Food Industry Maintain Cold Room Efficiently

The food industry is usually the first among all the sectors that often approach the chiller manufacturers for higher production. In the universal language, we can consider such rooms as a big refrigerator where a mountain full of goods are kept safely. The food is stored explicitly in bulk in the cold place to ensure that it stays edible for a long time.

Every business must make sure to have more space and a well-maintained room that can ensure the growth of an organisation in turn. If not, the firm is sure to face a lot of atrocities that can become the reason of grave downfall for the company. This is why there is a need for most of us to engage in activities of proper maintenance.

It can provide most of us with a sense of security and assurance such that we won't have to waste a lot of money in the future. Therefore, this article is set to provide us with appropriate guidelines in the area of maintenance of cold rooms that can give a positive push to the food business we have started.

The habit of daily maintenance

A successful entrepreneur makes sure to put the critical practice concerning maintenance in motion almost every day. The cold room can face the issue of oil leakage that should be considered a significant threat to the business. For this, we might have to check the compressor.

We can test the PLC switchboard to ensure that it is still functional in a way. We might also want to check if the cooling temperature is right or not. Other places to survey daily include an evaporator, head pressure, the surface of the room for reviewing mould or leakage.

What to do after a month?

Proper cleaning and maintenance of condenser coil fins become one of the first things to do within a month. We might also want to clean the evaporator fins along with that. The next thing in the checklist comes to the checking of reverse functionality and refrigerant levels. We might want to observe the control valves and functionality of the defrosting aspect. The working ability of evaporators to function appropriately should also be tested within a month, along with checking up on the system for further malfunctions.

Annual checking

Every six months, we should examine if the monthly maintenance is appropriately done or not. We should see to it that the employees do not ignore the monthly supervision practices. If such a thing happens, we might end up consuming extra energy unnecessarily, and spend more money in the future if something happens to the cold room.

When a year is nearly finished, we should inspect if the maintenance test of all the types is suitably carried out by the employees. We can order them to wash the heat exchanger using the chemicals. Such methods are sure to improve the functionality of the room and remove further impurities.

What should we do about the doors?

Most of us don't know, but the door of the particular cold room is indeed an important part, especially for the maintenance. First, we have to see if the specific type of cold room door is working correctly. This step should be taken every two months in regular internals. Once we ensure that the door is working appropriately, we can be sure of the proper functionality within the cold room concerning temperature. The door sensors should also be checked almost every day so that we can get an idea of malfunctioning if something is to occur inside the room.


Cool room refrigeration equipment should be adequately maintained by the employees of the company so that the food industry can move on smoothly. For that, the maintenance system is usually divided into five parts, including daily testing, monthly checkup, quarterly and annual maintenance, and observing the door.

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