Tips for Buying Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Tips for Buying Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Setting up a kitchen for your restaurant, canteen or a food truck is a big task. It is important that the restaurant owner, head chef and the architects/designers do thorough research before investing in good commercial cooking range.

Based on the characteristic of a kitchen, every kitchen requires a unique and standard list of items, so that it can function smoothly with the right kitchen equipment.

Here are a few tips that will help you while purchasing your commercial kitchen equipment:

Commercial Kitchen Plan: An excellent commercial kitchen plan means a hassle-free purchase of equipment from the commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers. You’ll get a fair idea of the product size, the quantity that you want to purchase them in, and whether you really need those equipments in your kitchen.

Menu Plan: It's impossible to imagine a Chinese joint's kitchen without a large and sturdy woks. Every cuisine has a different set of requirements and that list of requirements will only be possible if you have the final menu of the restaurant in hand.

Quality Equipment: Quality always matters! It's useless to go for cheap commercial kitchen refrigerators or commercial cooking range that will go kaput just within one year of its purchase. The reason for buying quality new refrigerators is you will get the assurance that it is in good condition and will have a maximum life after purchase.

Warranty/After-Sales Service: As a commercial kitchen equipment purchaser, it's important to study the warranty details of commercial kitchen equipment so that you don't miss out on the benefits that come along with it. After-sales service consists of maintenance of equipments (E.g. Restaurant Kitchen Equipments), ensuring extra longevity and smooth functioning of kitchen equipments. Trained technicians come to you to fix, educate, or consult on any commercial kitchen requirements; offering complete satisfaction to any new, potential, or existing customers. As commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers, it is a professional commitment towards the value systems that we hold onto, for the reputation of renowned brand name, says Shree Manek Kitchen Equipments Pvt. Ltd.

Buy what you need: The products that you buy should always be worth the investment that you make. Don't clutter your commercial kitchens with equipment that you are never going to use. Before purchasing prepare a checklist of potential items you will be using in the kitchen regularly. If you are in the initial stage and don’t have a huge amount for purchasing new utensils, temporarily you can buy second hand used kitchen utensils or have it on lease.

Induction Based Cooking Equipment: Did you know? Shree Manek Kitchen is one of the first companies to introduce induction based cooking equipment in the market, for the sole purpose of saving energy, enhancing cooking speed, automation and safety. The basic benefit of cooking under induction is that the efficiency of heating under induction is 50% higher than in gas-based cooking.

Good Exhaust System: A must-have in all commercial kitchens, Kitchen exhaust systems are used for extraction of air, heat, smoke, grease, steam and odours in kitchens.

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