Tips for Preparing Your high Schooler for the SAT

Tips for Preparing Your high Schooler for the SAT

Contrary to popular belief, studying isn't the only way to prepare for the SAT. In fact, there are plenty of ways to prepare that might benefit your high schooler more than at-home studying. Of course, this will take a bit of time, effort, and patience. However, when it's time to start applying to colleges, your child will thank you.

From SAT boot camps to in-class attentiveness, there are a few top ways that you can help your student prepare for the SAT as effectively as popular.

Start early.

If there's a family history of procrastination, that might pose a problem. While some students swear by a cram session, it's not an effective way to absorb information. This doesn't mean that your child shouldn't have a life outside of studying. What it does mean is that your child should get a head start on their SAT preparation so when test day comes, they feel confident and prepared.

Getting a head start is easier said than done, right? That's why it's key to set a reasonable time limit for your preparation period. A good ballpark is two-to-three months from the test date. This ensures that the information is fresh and relevant without risking any over-studying. If you feel like you would benefit from more or less time, you can adjust accordingly.

Take practice tests.

This one seems like a no-brainer but you'd be surprised how many parents forget about one of the most important resources available: the practice test. Thankfully, many of today's practice tests are compiled from previous SAT questions. While your child might not find a practice test fun, it's still an excellent way to prepare for the real thing. If possible, treat each practice test like it is happening on the actual test day. This will help your child get a feel for the structure of the exam so they're not thrown for a loop on test day.

Another major benefit is that most practice tests are completely free. This is great for parents with limited resources looking for an effective study aid.

Attend a boot camp.

Companies like Zinc NYC are well-known for their fast-paced, exciting SAT boot camps. Don't worry if you don't live in NYC. Unlike New York's live music and jam sessions, the city's boot camps aren't confined to city limits. While based in New York, Zinc works with students across the world and uses their boot camps as a way to raise previous scores and even help students knock it out of the park their first time around. On top of this, a boot camp can condense a lengthy prep period into just a few short weeks. This is because companies like Zinc partner with elite tutors and instructors that know all the tools of the trade when it comes to the SAT.

On top of this, boot camps won't eat up all of your child's free time. Instead of gobbling up an entire summer, a boot camp gives your student the chance to focus on other aspects of their high school career.

Pay attention to their studies.

If you're more familiar with your high schooler's curriculum, you'll be better equipped to help them prepare for the SAT. This is because the SAT was modified in 2016 to be directly representative of what real students were learning in the classroom. As such, it's an extension of their current studies. This way, you can test them on key concepts and help them study more efficiently.

The SAT is a major milestone in the life of a high school student. Give your child the best shot possible and follow these key tips to help them achieve their true potential.

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