Tips On How To Get CAPM Certification

Tips On How To Get CAPM Certification

Certified Associate Project Management or CAPM training allows students to study and grasp project management concepts like risk analysis and time management. To be able to get CAPM certification, one has to take the CAPM course and pass a certification exam. The exam is there to test the student's capability to take on project management tasks.

Before being accepted into a program, you must have a high school diploma or GED results. You are also required to have obtained 1,500 hours of project management experience of at least 23 hours of project management college courses. You may also be required to pass an entrance exam before you can participate in a CAPM training program.

Since most project managers work in the fields of construction, IT and other industries, it would be a good idea to take a degree or certificate program in these areas. You will need 1,500 hours of project management on the job experience. If you don't have these, you can get a 23 hour project management course in any university. You will need these as pre-requisites to enter a training program to get CAPM certification.

Once you have all the requirements, you can apply for a program. After you receive your training, you will be required to take an exam. This exam will test how much you have learned during your CAPM training course. Passing the test will allow you to get certification which you will need when you start applying for project management positions.

Before you are allowed to take the exam, you are also expected to have work experience and gone through some life experience requirements. You will also have to complete a registration form. You should likewise consider taking an exam preparation class that offers rigorous lessons that specifically aims to prepare you for the CAPM certification exam.

There are some classes that allow you to prepare for the test during evenings or weekends so that working students can still continue with their day jobs. You should also read test preparatory books aimed to boost your knowledge and to pass the exam. Some of these materials have sample test questions in them. Do the mock tests several times with time limits to hone your actual test taking skills.

Try to get hold of a CAPM Handbook that contains information about the exams, schedules and ethics. Go online and search for free study materials dedicated to CAPM training and certification exams. These can offer information that was not touched on during your course. Additional knowledge from various sources will benefit you in many ways, including passing the CAPM certification exam.

You can also find exam review materials at your local library. Create flash cards and study these daily. You can even post these cards around the house to help you remember the concepts better. Use whatever available study materials you can find online. You can also ask your instructors for tips on how to pass the test. The test consists of 150 questions, 135 scored questions, and 15 pre-test questions. The passing score is 65%.

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