Top 10 Tips to Make a Good Business Website

Top 10 Tips to Make a Good Business Website

Undeniably, having a website is the foremost requirement in this generation to grow your business. No matter, you have a small scale business or a MNC, a website is a powerful tool to create a great online presence. When most of the people are online active, you must be able to engage them with your business through a website.

It’s necessary to have a well-developed website which tells the customer about your business, what service you offer, what product you sell and many more. It helps to generate leads, promote your business, and helps to reach maximum people.

In order to develop a website, the first thing that comes in your mind would be WordPress. It’s a perfect CMS tool to create a website with the help of the eCommerce WordPress theme. The features and functionality of WooCommerce WordPress themes is unbeatable with any other tool, that’s the reason why most of the people use it.

However, it’s not an easy task to perform, there are plenty of things that need to be considered to make it a good business website. So, let’s delve into those important points.

Tip 1. Make it easy to navigate

Website navigation is an integral part in making it easy to locate information for the customers. Generally, navigation is placed in the top or the left side bar, it’s nothing but the collection of links of various web pages of the website.

Without a proper navigation website looks unstructured and unorganized. It helps users to understand your website based on the various categories as the main idea of it is to make the visitor understand about what the website is. From the homepage to any page the user visits, everything must be in a hierarchy and they are able to go back to the homepage as well.

Most of the best selling WordPress eCommerce themes are well-designed with proper navigation so that you don’t need to worry about while using it as it’s difficult to manage several categories in the website. We all know that by clicking on the logo design of the company, we always redirect to the homepage, this is very common in every website.

It makes your overall website design alluring and helps users to visit various pages in the website.

Tip 2. Optimized for speed

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Today, people are more concerned with the speed of the website, whether it’s loading quickly or not matters a lot. Generally, people don’t like to wait for more than 3 seconds to get your load.

Website speed is the important part in getting the higher rank in the search engine. You must limit the use of multimedia such as images, videos, GIFs, in the website so that it takes less time for loading. Even if you're using it then it must be optimized for web pages so that it doesn’t affect the loading speed.

While using WordPress, you don’t need to worry about this as most of the best selling WordPress eCommerce themes are optimized for speed. Even you can integrate the WordPress plugins for improving the speed of the website.

Tip 3. SEO friendly

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It’s a basic requirement of any successful website. The ultimate goal of any business is to beat the competitors and this way by getting higher rank in the search engine you can easily do that.

A correct use of keywords, naming of page titles and URL, are a part of the SEO and that need to be considered very carefully. Whenever the user searches for the relevant keywords in the search engine your site must be visible ahead of others. eCommerce WordPress theme is developed with the SEO standard so that your site gets the best rank.

Tip 4. Keep it simple design

While working online appearance matters a lot and it must be inclined with the business you have and status of your brand. It helps to attract the maximum people generally observe the design of the website and is influenced mostly by it.

A limited use of bold colors, fonts, images, videos makes your website simple yet attractive. Attractiveness has nothing to do with the complexity of a website, a simple but cleverly designed website is enough to capture the attention of the people. Many WooCommerce WordPress themes are just a simple design but still purchased by the people and using it in a website.

Tip 5. High-quality content

It’s true that content is a king. Therefore, a standard content is a must for a good website. Whatever information you want to convey to your visitor can be effectively done with the help of the content.

A good quality will surely keep your user engaged with your website and convert them to a potential buyer for your brand. Content lets them understand about the product and your business, therefore, it’s necessary for every website.

Tip 6. Responsive design

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Another very much important factor that must be considered while developing a website. Today, people not only use computers to visit your website but they use various devices such as mobiles, tablets. And your website must be responsible enough to get the same visual experience in every device.

Every eCommerce WordPress theme is created with this salient point in mind so that you don’t need to code separately for each view. All the content, images, videos must be resized automatically to the size of the screen to give your user a better visual experience.

Tip 7. Perfect homepage

As we know, that first impression is the last impression. And the homepage of your site is a first thing which will be noticed by the user. Therefore, you must design it in a very alluring manner along with best features and functionality.

What your homepage must include:

  • Image carousel

  • Better navigation

  • Product galley

  • Appealing UI

  • Testimonial

If you’re unable to make a great impression from the homepage, it won’t encourage users to visit other pages and they move away from it. eCommerce WordPress themes can give you a demo of how you can design your homepage more attractive. Make sure that from header to footer, everything is well managed and it attracts the people.

Tip 8. Link your social media pages

It’s really necessary to keep your visitor engaged with the social media pages as most of the user traffic may come from there also. Today, people are highly active in social media and it's a great opportunity for the business to grow unexpectedly.

However, it’s also necessary to keep your social media account updated. You must keep posting something in it so that people will notice you otherwise there is no use of it. It can be used in digital marketing extensively, and it’s necessary for the brand as well.

Tip 9. Clear About us page

If you’re selling something or providing any service, it must be clearly written in the contact us section. It’s a must have a page on any good website.

This is the time where you can put information about the company and the staff you have along with expertise of the brand. This Is the page where you can convince them to purchase the product from your company. In case if you’re using the best eCommerce WordPress theme to develop a website then make sure that it has this seperate page.

Tip 10. Call to action

A good website must have a call to action in the homepage. The desired action you want must be clear to the users. A better call to action button lets the user know what will happen by clicking on it. The content of it conveys the purpose of the button itself. Signup, email list subscriber, downloads, are the examples which show the better call to action on the website as it’s easy to understand what will happen by clicking.

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