Top 11 Ways to Promote an Event Online

Top 11 Ways to Promote an Event Online

Organizing and strategizing your event logistics sounds exciting especially if you are planning to host your first ever event in a virtual space. But while promoting an event, event organizers may find the task daunting if they are unfamiliar with the various options available over the internet.

There are so many things to consider while planning your event and the icing on the cake is planning out the promotional strategy. If you are often stuck between what to do and how to promote your event effectively on digital platforms then we are here to help you out!

While advertising your virtual and hybrid event online you don’t really have to make it look complex or need to invest too much of your time and money. How about if you can advertise your event virtually without investing a single amount? Doubtful? Well, this article will clear all your misconceptions and provide you with tips that will help you promote your event vibrantly.

Here are 11 ways to promote an event online:

1. Organise your event effectively

Good planning is the key to a successful event and if you want to climb the success ladder, you have to plan things accordingly. We think you must consider these questions to get you started. Organize and invite your co-organizers to create innovative marketing ideas: How will you advertise the event? Which part of the event promotion will you be focusing on? Which all channels will give you more participants? Can you ask your keynote speaker to promote your event on their personal accounts? Who is your target audience?

These questions will act as the first step of creating a successful event.

2. Create an attractive landing page

It goes without saying that the page that has more vibrancy, attracts more customers. Give every possible information regarding your event to your visitors like when and where is the event taking place, add on your event agenda to bring in more interested audiences, mention or add images of the celebrity or speaker attending your event. Don’t forget to mention the fun activities, the goodies they will be receiving post the event. Believe us, this does grab the attention of your virtual audience.

3. Help Google find your event

We all live in a digital world where people tend to get informed about the latest updates, events taking place around the world, entertainment news, etc but who provides us with these insights? Yes, you guessed it right, it’s undoubtedly Google. People use Google to find out what is happening around the world. Hence, it can play a critical role in finding popular keywords that might help you reach a wider audience. There are many free keyword tools available over the web like Google’s keyword planner which might be useful for your event to create buzz. Apart from that, there are some SEO basics of course which can also help you market your event seamlessly.

4. Use Facebook ads to advertise the event

Now, this might require a small cost but the results are outstanding. With the Facebook ads, you can reach out to larger customers who may be willing to register at your event after seeing the ads on their accounts. The bonus points about Facebook ads are it only targets specific demographics which helps you connect with genuine clients. This also provides you with a higher conversion rate altogether.

5. Post a small introductory video highlighting your past event experience

Posting a short video regarding your past event experience gives attendees a sense of assurance that they are not wasting their time and money. Include the things you will be offering and highlight some of your last year's work. You can post these videos on all your social media channels and to your official website page. Ask keynote speakers or celebrities who are attending your event to upload this video on the personal accounts.

6. Post-behind-the-scene GIFS and images on social media

Posting images and GIFs of the preparations that you have been doing grabs your attendee's attention. This will excite them to register at your event. Many event organizers personally like this technique as it looks appealing and works as a reminder for many people so that they are there at the correct time and date.

7. Create unique event hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to reach out to people in a much easier and effective way. People can find your event through a simple search on their social media channels. While creating event hashtags make sure you don’t use similar hashtags like your competitors as this may confuse your target audience. After creating your hashtags, it's time to spread the word about your event. For this, you need to promote your event on every social media channel and engage as many participants as you can.

8. Host a contest or giveaways for a free registration

I guess we all can agree with this, people love free things. Especially when the things are profusely antique, like registration for a highly sought-after event.

You can conduct these quizzes on social media networks for people who have the highest shares or likes on any event post. Advertisements like these can take your event to the next level and bring in larger audiences.

9. Offer a discount

Offer great discounts to attendees who registered first at your event. This will make them feel special and chances are they spread the word about your event within their circle. Which indicates you saved more seats for your event. Isn’t that exciting?

Take the help of your event provider and ask them to make you innovative virtual coupons that you can share with your early bird customers.

10. Share teaser slides from your event presentations

This pointer will be beneficial for organizations that are planning to host a conference or a class. Providing a sneak-peak of your event presentations helps attendees to gather all the essential information about your event.

For people planning to host a conference with certain registration fees, offering a teaser of all the visuals curates excitement and tunes in people whose ideology matches your event.

11. Share your previous year's follow-up survey with your target audience

Create visuals that hold the entire past event experience provided by your event participants. If your event survey was satisfactory and put your event in a good light, then you must show off your success story with your audiences. These visual surveys will build confidence within all your new participants and will no doubt spur more engagement.

Over to you

While thinking or organizing and promoting your virtual event online keep these 11 tips in mind for this will help you market your event more exuberantly while also tune in with many potential audiences at your event. We hope the above-shared tips will help you curate the most successful and engaging event of all time.

Happy Reading!

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