Top 5 eLearning Mobile App Development Companies

Top 5 eLearning Mobile App Development Companies

Technology has made its way to everyone’s life, it's changing rapidly, only going towards betterment. This era is all about the popularity of smartphones and mobile apps, you can find the solution to your every problem there; from shopping to ordering food. Now education has also become a part of it. E-learning industry has grown tremendously over the past few years, you can now get learning mobile app. This just doesn’t profit the business but is also a great help for students, they don’t have to waste their time going to libraries, they don’t have to depend on the lectures of their teachers
given in their schools or on the notes of their classroom etc. everything can be learned on their smartphones. E-learning app has brought a technological revolution in education and has helped both students as well as teachers to expand and enhance the learning process beyond the classroom. Now if one has an idea to bring this revolutionary change, there are several app development companies that help you bring those ideas into reality.

Top 5 of them are mentioned below

Coding Pixel:

They create educational platforms like Coursera and Udemy, their app developers make sure they develop applications that help the user’s learning process, increase the user engagement and improve over time. They help clients with their unique ideas in unique ways, their problem-solving skills are uncanny and exemplary. Their expertise lies in e-learning app development, their apps have several features to make the user experience promising. The few must-have features their e-learning apps have are: comprehensive and valuable content, interactive session with tutors with live tutorials, easy to login profile with dashboard facility, friendly interface, push notifications, etc.

App squadz:

They have the expertise to deliver the best mobility solutions for the education industry. They can develop an app for a playgroup student to the students of engineering, medical, IAS, PCS, and all other courses. They just don’t create apps, their goal is to provide the user with an experience they’ll never forget. Their apps are on-demand of what the needs of the user are: eBook Learning App, Online Training Apps, E-Library App Solutions, Education Gaming App, and Learning App for Coaching Classes, etc. few features of their e-learning app includes:

  • Absolutely Secure Login for Students, Staff, Teachers, and Management
  • Easily Understandable Course Material
  • Integration of Forum, Blogs
  • Highly Secure Interface and Data Security
  • Real-Time interaction between a Student and Tutor/ Teacher/ Lecturer
  • Option to add the number of courses, Videos, Audios and Images

Pixel crayons:

To play their role as a great e-learning app development company they build apps for the modern learning era with their advanced education and e-learning services. They provide complete mobile app development solutions to the E-Learning industry. Their IT solutions effectively enhance operational efficiencies and improve internal processes. Here are some of the services that they offer to resolve various problems of the E-Learning industry

  1. Effective Communication
  2. Interactive e-Learning
  3. Schedule Management
  4. Advanced Security Features
  5. Reducing Time & Cost
  6. Technology Implementation


They’ve been developing e-learning apps for EU, UK and US clients since 2007. They have experience of developing award-winning eLearning solutions that are used by hundreds of thousand users worldwide, such as Ticken that has won “The Starter Award”. They follow the latest trends to give their clients the best solutions. Their team is skilled in Java, Kotlin, IOS, Swift, Objective-C, and Cross-Platform. So when it comes to e-learning apps, their solutions are uncanny and the best one can get from the market.


They offer a range of rapid e-Learning development solutions aimed at helping you re-engineer and re-invent your learning divisions to enhance employee productivity, enabling you to optimize your training dollars. Clients come to them with their problems and they help them find the best methodology and solution that they need. Their job is to ensure that their clients are investing in the right place, to help them plan the best e-learning strategy; to develop the right quality courses for you to meet your learning objectives, and help you implement and roll-out the e-Learning program in a measured manner that allows visibility and control. They have got a team of experts that guarantee the great quality of the apps.

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