Top 7 SEO Tips to Boost Ecommerce Sales

Top 7 SEO Tips to Boost Ecommerce Sales

Want to establish online presence? Want to get decent amount of traffic your site on a regular basis? Want to reach to more number of online consumers? The answer lies in designing an effective SEO strategy to promote your website in the Internet space.

Following are the SEO tips that will help to improve your business growth:

Do in-depth Keyword Research

Ranking in Google search engine results pages is a very important factor that can determine the success of your online business. To be honest, the foundation of your online success relies solely on the keywords that you target.

Use all the necessary tools and do an in-depth research about your business. If you incorporate the right keywords while planning the content of your website, it can certainly help to get your site ranked.

No Duplicate Content

If you want to Build an ecommerce store, adding duplicate content is a strict no-no. This is because search engines prefer unique and original content. So if you are going to publish duplicate content, it can have a negative impact on your website's Google rankings.

Writing product descriptions does not mean lifting it from other sites. Try to be as original as possible. Although you can get product information from distributors, you need to add more value to the content.

Keep in mind that your online store will not get any search visibility if you steal content from other sites. From the SEO point of view, duplicate content should be completely avoided.

Make sure your Product Descriptions are Catchy and Appealing

You have chosen an appropriate Ecommerce software and setup your online store to earn more business revenue. Right? This means you have to write product descriptions that sell. In other words, writing killer product descriptions is the need of the hour.

It is rightly said that product descriptions can make or break your online store. Writing compelling product descriptions that appeal to your target audience can go a long way in generating more sales.

Professionally-written product descriptions have the power to convince customers to purchase.

Do Image SEO

Whether you are using B2C or B2B ecommerce solution, you want search engine crawlers to find your site image? If yes, it is important to do image SEO. For instance, image file name and image Meta data should contain target keyword phrases. This will give search engine crawlers a better idea about the content of the image.

Also, page load speed is directly dependent on the size of the image. If your site has large images, your site will take a long time to load. Since Google also ranks websites on the basis of their page loading time, it is essential that your site has fast loading speed to receive more hits.

Sites with the large images need to compress image size so that the site loads quickly. Apart from re-sizing the image size, ensure that the image title, description and ALT text contain the required keywords.

Optimize your URL

Using a sophisticated Ecommerce software is of no use if your website URL is not optimized for SEO.

Having a SEO-friendly URL can go a long way in increasing the search visibility of your site. Make sure the URL is readable not only for humans but also for crawlers. It goes without saying that your business-related keyword or phrase must be a part of the URL.

Every word on your website URL must be 100% readable. Simply by looking at your site, the user should get a clear idea about what your site is all about.

Another important thing is that you need to include hypens only in the URL. There are website URLs that contain underscores instead of hypens. However, since Google algorithms cannot read underscores, it doesn't make sense to include them in your URL.

User-friendly Site

Neglecting usability can ruin your online business in terms of SEO. From making navigation clutter-free to limiting the number of menu items to good internal linking, good navigation is the key to avoid any SEO issues.

Fix Broken Links

It is a known fact that broken links have a negative impact on SEO. In simple words, you will ruin your site's relationship with Google. Google crawls every link on your site and collects data about every page. So it is extremely important that you locate and fix broken links in order to improve your SEO. You can use SEO tools like Google Analytics to find broken links.

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