Top Content Creation And Design Tools For Marketers

Top Content Creation And Design Tools For Marketers

Content creation in the digital age has become easier than ever. Now marketers no longer have to conduct research at conventional levels instead they have now been equipped with tools that help them gain insights about their potential customers, their demographics and the interests they carry. The only con to this digitalization is that the competition has increased and there is a lot of data to analyze and curate.

Just take the example of Wikipedia and how its power of online marketing has compelled businesses, organizations, brand owners and even notable individuals to leverage the power of a Wikipedia writer for hire. The same example can be taken for the existing digital mediums such as social media platforms and how these platforms are slowly becoming more and more dependent on quality content creation.

Tools for content marketing


A renowned tool for inbound marketing, Hubspot has been globally recognized as one of the most widely used content creation tools worldwide. Whether you intend to curate content or distribute it, it is all possible with Hubspot. The best part is that users can even view the insights and performance levels of how their content and posts are performing. The tool itself is not free but it has some free-to-use options but overall, you would have to purchase the complete package.

Movable Ink

An online platform where brands can compile and create engaging content pieces for their audiences, Movable Ink is a lot similar to Hubspot in terms of content creation. The users can curate content according to the preferences of their audience and can further personalize it as they deem fit. Along with the demographics of your audience and viewers, you can create content according to the current time and location of your customers. The tool is not free but a free trial is available which you can test before making a purchase.


Now BEE is not meant for solely content marketing but it is a great tool to create your next email marketing campaign. Engaging emails are all you need to capture the attention of your customers and you can do the same by relying on BEE. The best part is that BEE is completely free and contains two premium versions, which come with a small fee. The user interface of the tool is highly simplistic as well. It has been designed to contain a drag and drop interface where you just have to add the template of your choice and creatively customize it.

Tools for blog content creation


The best way to generate traffic through the search engine is by creating compelling blog posts and articles. If the content you post on your blog website is not interesting or engaging then it will become difficult to drive and generate quality traffic. Just as the name suggests, Playbuzz has options to create interesting visual games, quizzes and tests your blog readers would not want to interact with often. Playbuzz is free and it does not contain confusing or complex features so you can easily leverage its power.


A tool meant for content creation for both blogs and social media marketing channels, ClearVoice has a lot to offer to brand owners. The tool is not free but it has categorized the pricing plan according to the business needs of every individual or brand. If you are lacking content ideas for your next blog post, ClearVoice will help you generate the relevant ideas with the utmost ease. You can even manage and create a detailed streamline of the prior and upcoming content creation requirements.

Tools for videos and graphics


Content creation also involves the production of videos and graphic designing. It is not limited to textual content, blogs or social media captions only as there are many other ways you can capture customer attention. The tool Magisto has followed the same notion as it allows brands to produce quality videos at a low cost. You can choose a set of themes, templates, visual effects, filters, and customizable editing features to create a branding video solely for branding purposes. It even has an import option where it lets you add images and videos from your system gallery and then edit it accordingly.


Explainer videos have become a global phenomenon when it comes to user engagement and video marketing. While there are other video formats and animation types but the easiest and most engaging one is an explainer video. Using the RawShorts animation maker, you can drop the design elements you want to add to your animation and choose the customization options that will further animate the images you have added. Once the animation is made, you can even share and upload it across the existing social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

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