Top Mobile App development trends in 2019

Top Mobile App development trends in 2019

When it comes to 2018 mobile app market, it has witnessed just over 27 billion downloads which is a year over year growth of approximately 11%. Therefore, it’s not only in 2018 but for the past many years mobile apps has been changing our lives from booking a taxi service app to ordering food or hiring the electrician from the nearby area. Mobile apps have transformed the way we do our daily tasks whether it is personal or business. So, with the increasing demand in the market, mobile apps serve to be a significant opportunity for entrepreneurs, business and startups. Besides as per the research by mobile application are supposed to generate approx. $189billion US dollars in revenue by 2020. Even as per the App Annie, consumers are supposed to spend $120 billion in app stores in 2019, and the spending figure is supposed to be fives time in the rate of the global economy.

  • Global app downloads have reached 194 billion in 2018, which is 35% up from 2016.
  • Social and communications apps account for 50% of time spent on apps where time spent on apps grew 45% from 2016 to 2018.
  • 720 billion hours were spending globally in social and communication apps in 2018, which has also increased by 30% from 2016.
  • Retailers are also making process with the help of mobile applications.
  • App shopping such as eBay, MercadoLibre, and shopee have touched 1 billion downloads.

Henceforth, the mobile app development industry is the fastest growing industry, and there isn't any sign of slowing down in the future as well. So, looking at the technological advancement and new inventions in-app industry, it is necessary to give a glimpse into the mobile app development of 2019.

Below are the given upcoming trends:

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Artificial intelligence and machine learning both dotted their legs into the mobile app industry where, AI is the area of computer science, which primarily emphasize the designing of intelligent machines which work and react just like humans. So, this technology has made itself evident in the form of the Chabot’s, whereas on another end Siri is a combination of AI and machine learning, which has also become an essential part of the mobile app innovations. Therefore, in the coming years, the benefits of both these technologies will not only restrict to Chabot’s and Siri because there are many companies like IBM, Google, Microsoft and Oracle are heavily investing in AI technology. In fact on the other end, Oracle will be using machine learning to develop their apps, data integration, analytics, system, and identity management autonomously and so on. As per the report from IDC, more than 75% of workers who are using ERP solutions will now take benefits from AI to expand their proficiency into the workplace which means AI and machine learning are going to transform mobile app industry, with the help of significant opportunities for innovation for the future apps.

Block chain Technology
Block chain technology has created a notable impact on the market from the past few years whereas the advanced technology allows the business to create tamper-proof records across multiple computers and gives the ability for tracking their transactions with greater confidence and security. In fact, Block chain technology is all set to enter in 2019 and even experts like Nick Cowan, a CEO of the Gibraltar Block chain Exchange, and Luka Horvat are expecting the technology will more widely be adopted by app development companies, financial organizations, and charities.

On-demand Apps
The on-demand mobile app economy is the vast economy which is also known as the sharing economy’ it fulfills user demands on an immediate basis, by allowing quick access to opted services. Initially, the on-demand business model was an inventible bubble in the world of mobile apps, but now it has become a future of the mobile app industry. Irrespective of the size of the business, almost all the mobile app service provider company has embraced on-demand apps solution to make their business future proof, and as per the survey, it is shown that 86.5 million Americans, which means around 42% of the adult population using at least one on-demand economy service. Henceforth, with the help of this figure we can say that on-demand technology will not fade anytime soon, it will allow enterprises to develop an on-demand solution to provide quick access to services and goods.

Augmented Reality
Augmented reality (AI) is one of the rising technologies which are transforming the way people are buying products. So, as per the report from Digi-capital, the augmented reality is expected to make $150 billion in revenue by 2020. However, Google and Apple have released a new AR demo which shows that AR will be a game changer in the upcoming years. Apart from these social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat have already used this technology to launch augmented reality filters, by allowing users to turn a human face into various digital funny characters.

So, for wrapping up mobile application development trends are shaping the mobile app industry along with that it is helping the business to get an idea of which latest technology they can adapt to mobile app development.

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