Top Out of the Box Features of Magento 2 for Improvised Store Functionality

Top Out of the Box Features of Magento 2 for Improvised Store Functionality

Magento is one of the oldest and most popular eCommerce platforms available in the market. With Magento, one can easily create amazing websites for their eCommerce stores. Further, its codebase is open-source, which makes it easy for merchants to personalize their stores running on Magento. Moreover, after Magento was taken over by Adobe its latest version magneto 2 has made it easier for merchants to run their online ventures in the Magento platform. However, with the negative stigma around Magento’s interface mostly people walk away from this platform and fail to reap its benefits.

Although, merchants have to hire Magento developer to set up their eCommerce store, managing and running an online store in Magento 2 are quite easy. And with little practice, a merchant can develop their own personalized routine for doing their store’s management. With this article, today we will take an in-depth look into the major changes of Magento 2 and discuss ways it can help merchants. But before we do that, below are some latest stats regarding this Platform.

1.Magento facilitates almost 12 percent of the eCommerce site. This denotes that Magento has a huge developer community, who can act as a great aid.

2.Magento’s merchants grow their business 3 times faster than normal merchants. This implies that using Magento is the assured way to make your business a success.

3.Magento has become the second most popular eCommerce Platform. This means that to give your site a competitive edge using Magento can be the perfect option to opt for.

4.Amongst 16 percent of top websites are built on Magento, which makes it one of the best platforms to opt for running a global store.

Top Out of the Box features of Magento 2

Magento 2 is the latest version of Magento and it is loaded with numerous unique features to aid merchants and Magento 2 developers in creating unique and out of the box online stores. Magento 2, unlike Magento, is much easier to manage and work with. Further, it is extravagantly loaded with tools and features, which makes it a perfect eCommerce solution for eCommerce stores of all sizes. Below is an in-depth list of these amazing features that can aid a merchant to build a unique store online:

1.Performance tools: An online website loaded with unique features can never bring a merchant higher sales if the store’s speed is slow. For avoiding such issues with eCommerce sites, Magento 2 comes with the New Relic tool, which enables merchants to observe the performance of every aspect of their online store and make changes according to the requirement.

2.Require.js: Javascript has become an important aspect of most of the eCommerce stores since recently there has been a surge in JS-based frameworks. To aid merchants, in creating the best UIs for their stores, Magento 2 comes with automatic support for Require.js. This inbuilt support for JS allows merchants to create interesting UI elements for their business, which can easily improve the store’s UX and result in higher sales.

3.Full Page Cache: The full-page cache enables stores to save the full-page output. Doing so can result in a dramatic reduction in page load speed. This can aid merchants in automatically improvising their store’s performance without putting much effort, which makes store optimization a very time-efficient process.


Magento 2 comes with a number of amazing features, which easily covers up numerous drawbacks of its previous version. However, without proper knowledge regarding these features, a merchant can’t make the best out of this platform. So refer to the list above to gain in-depth knowledge about Magento 2 and make the best out this unique platform.

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