Top Reasons to Choose Android platform

Top Reasons to Choose Android platform

The mobile industry is growing rapidly. With the motive to deliver unique experience to the customers, expert developers are constantly innovating upgraded technologies across the globe.

Android and iOS are the major operating systems with all encompassing features, offering next-generation experience to the users.

Android is a widely used operating system and preferred by the experienced and beginners to develop the mobile application. This platform is considered as a highly reliable and cost-effective platform.

If you are planning to hire a dedicated Android developer to launch your app in the market before that know the essential reasons why choosing Android is the best option for your business.

Benefits of Android Platform

Open Source

Android is based on open-source technology, which helps to attract a large number of developers towards it. This allows developers to alter or modify the source code as per their project requirements and customize it for their project. Furthermore, it is launched under the Apache license.

Easy Development Cycle

This is a popular operating system offering an easy development cycle for the developers. As compared to other operating systems, this platform offers the freedom to the developers to showcase their creativity. Android has limited restrictions. However, this development process consumes less time and effort.

Low Investment & High ROI

Android developers don’t have to invest anything in the development process. This popular operating system provides a free software development kit, which helps to reduce the development and licensing costs. In other operating systems, developers have to invest in different development stages -

  • Application development

  • Functionality Testing

  • Deployment in smartphones


Developers can build the websites as per the customer’s demand. They can easily integrate third parties into the app. It allows developers to integrate other third party features to the platform.

However, developers are not forced to follow the same architecture or integrate the same functionalities, they can customize the app and integrate third-party functionalities as per the client and project requirement.

Easy Coding

Android supports the most versatile coding programming language Java. It offers a rich set of libraries, to developers to turn the development process easier and faster. However, the Java programming language is easy to adapt and learn.


Android supports several native libraries, which are written in C/C++.

Different Supportive Android Libraries

  • Surface Manager

  • Media framework

  • System C Libraries

  • 2D and 3D graphics

  • SQLite


These are the major reasons, which influenced developers to opt for the operating system. Android is easy to use and learn operating systems. However, extensive features can be added to the Android-based app with third-party and library support.

It helps to launch the app easily with a quick time to market at an affordable price. Apart from this, it is essential that an Android developer should be upgraded with the latest market trends.

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