Top TEFL Certification Courses Online

Top TEFL Certification Courses Online

TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Qualifying as a TEFL teacher, empowers teachers to teach the English language at various levels.

The TEFL accreditation segment is fast growing and has unlimited options. It seeks to train English to audio speakers whose mother language is English, besides other folks who need to be able to learn it regarding further education to be able to join the staff.

There is very much confusion among aspirants about where to be able to make TEFL documentation course.

The very four important questions to hold in memory while choosing your program are:

  1. What are your aspirations?
  2. How many hours you can spare?
  3. Is the course recognized?
  4. Is the cost of the course competitive?

What a TEFL Certification Course Must Ensure?

A TELF certification course should train the teacher’s skills, enable the teacher to judge the requirements, and be comfortable in the classroom. Typically the best organizations which often offer TELF qualification courses guide their particular students to get the skill models required to become a great outstanding teacher.

Best TEFL Online Certification

1. Henry Harvin TEFL Academy

Henry Harvin is one of the most sought-after organizations for content services, training, skill development, assessment, and higher education.

Established in 2013 the organization shares its vision with that of Mr Henry Dunster (The first president of Harvard University) and aspires to become the ‘Harvard’ of Edtech Industry.

With a global customer base of over 7,00,000+Students across 97 countries, Henry Harvin is the best online TEFL certification in the USA.

Some interesting facts about Henry Harvin TEFL Course:

  • ISO 29990:2010 certified recognition from UKAF, UK Cert, American Association of ESL, MSME, & Project Management Institute (PMI).
  • Over 3,00,000+trained, in over 25+ cities
  • Offices in India, USA and Sri Lanka

Location: India, USA, Srilanka

Duration: 8 -12 weeks (120 Hours)

Format: Online

About the Program:

This TEFL certification course is designed to train you in-depth about teaching English as a Foreign Knowledge.

The main objective of the program is to:

  • Include the teaching skills and methodologies to help you understand the student’s psychology.
  • Boost your confidence
  • Develop your assessment and evaluation skills
  • Aid you to develop action-oriented lesson plans that have maximizes productivity and learning
  • Enhance your capabilities to think out of the box
  • Effective time management skills

As it is accredited by AAEFL certification, this course will be valid across the globe.

Duration: Most aspirants complete the course within 8 to 12 weeks but the registration is valid for 52 weeks. Henry Harvin’s courses are recognized at the highest level by ACE CREDIT, NATIONAL CCRS, NAFSA, UKCERT.

Cost: $299


If you choose to get your TEFL certification course with Henry Harvin, you could be looking at a job that starts with a $3000/month package.

For more details, visit

2. Bridge Education

Cost and duration:

Their fee structure starts from₹ 11,122.00 for the 40-hour foundation course and goes up to ₹ 14,854.00 for the master’s course

Course Content:

Bridge Education TEFL certification courses include classroom management, lesson planning, phonology, vocabulary, analyzing and teaching grammar and error correction. The courses are 100% online


There is a Job Advisory Module at Bridge Education Group which helps people graduating from this institution to find suitable jobs.

Two other services available to their graduates are the Bridge Job Board and the Teacher Portfolio.

The Bridge Job Board gives the new graduates a chance to tell prospective employers about themselves.

The Teacher Portfolio is a directory where prospective employers could look for teachers who meet their specifications.

Apart from these two services, there is also a personalized placement and counselling service which the aspirants can opt for.

3. World TESOL Academy

Cost and duration:

This online course that covers 120 hours costs $34. It is a single instalment payment.

Course content :

It conducts an 8-module on-line program for TEFL certification, covering all aspects of TEFL from the basic concepts of TELF, to teaching techniques and classroom management

The eighth module is an assessment module that will earn you your TEFL certification.


100% placement support is provided to students.

4. Udemy

Cost and duration:

The cost of the course is ₹1,600. A course of eight lectures and unlimited online resources is a good choice

Course content :

Udemy’s course content teaches how to apply TEFL methodologies, classroom management and English skills through a 3.5 hours on-demand video and downloadable resources.


Student can avail 100% placement support.

5. Asian College of Teachers

Cost and duration:

The cost of the TEFL course is Rs.50, 000/- with the option of easy instalments. A candidate must attend a 3-week full-time program.


To qualify for one of the best TEFL certification courses, the basic requirement is the ability to communicate in English and possess basic writing skills.

Course content:

With the best course content in its class, Asian College of Teachers offers a curriculum that enables its students to become excellent TEFL teachers.


They offer their student 100% placement support.

6. i to i Teach English Abroad And Online

i-to-i has different levels in which students can choose to qualify.

Course content

Different levels are meant for graded levels of teaching.

Level 3 is meant for native speakers and level 5 for fluent speakers.

The classes are can be taken face to face or online as per the student’s convenience. There is also another option, the choice of a combined course where some classes can be taken on-line and some face to face.

Cost and duration

The price of the courses ranges from $139.60 to $ 1,450.

The period of instruction can be between eight to fifteen weeks.


This TEFL certification company gives placement support to its graduates.

TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) has become a good career option nowadays. As English is becoming a global language, the demand for TEFL teachers in non-English speaking countries has raised. Many people choose this because of passion. While some others like this field due to peer passion, some for money or to travel to foreign countries. There are several institutions out there providing TEFL certification in the USA. So do your research before joining a TEFL program.

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