Trending Design Of Kurtis For Women

Trending Design Of Kurtis For Women

Kurti is a Persian which means a shirt without a collar. Kurtis for women is very famous in the subcontinent. They actually are loose collarless shirts with three-quarter loose sleeves mostly. But as time passed ladies Kurtis went through a number of changes. Today we will tell about the variety of ladies Kurtis that are made through this long period of time. You can buy Kurtis online very easily.

Famous Designs For Online Kurtis For Women

Listed below are the most trending ladies Kurtis of these days. You can find and buy Kurtis online from various brands.

  1. Tunic Style

This Kurti is ended above the knee. All possible edges of the Kurti are made rounded. It looks remarkable when worn with cigarette pants. Tunic style Kurti for women is formally looking and worn at offices, friends get together, picnics, etc. the sleeves of this Kurti are kept three quarters while the fitting is moderate i.e. not very tight or very loose.

  1. Shirt Style

The shirt style Kurti never really means that it is made on the shirt design. But it means that the fabric and fabric design used for the Kurti is the one used for shirts normally. This design mostly refers to check design. Moreover, like shirts, it also has full sleeves, with center buttoning. However, the sleeves are kept in various styles. It makes a good combo with jeans and tights.

  1. Short Flared Kurti

Short flared Kurti for women gives an alluring short frock look. The width of the Kurti gets wider and wider as soon as it reaches the bottom. Its length ends above knees. A short collared looked is liked by some women by you can ignore it on your level of likeness for it. The best part about this Kurtis is that it can be worn by women of every age, as it looks equally delightful on all.

  1. Basic Kurti

The basic Kurti is also known as the indo-western Kurti. It can be said as the ladies Kurti that is worn all around the world. It is loose in fitting. Its designs vary the most. It has either three quarter or full-length sleeves. The side slits are opened as upon the user’s choice but are mostly closed. Looks best when worn at office, meetings, or parties. If you don’t have a brand near you, you can easily buy Kurti online.

  1. Pocket Kurti

Now, this can be called as something ideal for college and university girls. Also, if you are a traveler you will like it. You can easily carry your necessary items like phone, watch power bank or headphones in them easily. This ladies Kurti is of knee-length. It makes a perfect combination of jeans and flat sandals.

  1. Asymmetrical Kurti

The body part and the sleeves all are kept as A-shaped in asymmetrical Kurti. It is one of the most comfortable Kurti. There are no side slits in this Kurti. The length of the Kurti is kept below knees. Asymmetrical Kurti gives an elegant and classy look to your personality. These can be worn at weddings, meetups and other types of gatherings.

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