Types of safes for homes

Types of safes for homes

If you keep valuables in your home, you must always be worried about keeping these things safe. Keeping things safe from thieves is a challenge these days. Thieves have developed advanced systems that allow them to break into homes and even safes. We generally think of securing our doors with advanced locking systems, but what we don’t pay attention to is that thieves can easily violate these lock mechanisms. For improved security, you can hire services from a reliable locksmith in Edmond OK.

Therefore, safes are a critical need in every home. With increasing crime rates all over the world, especially in urban areas, the necessity of safes has also increased.

Before you decide to buy a safe for your home, you should know the different types of safes.

1. Wall Safes

A safe that is built in the wall itself is known as a wall safe. These safes are fitted into the walls of your room and offer excellent protection from theft. This is because it is possible to conceal these safes using a door or wardrobe. You can also install a wall painting or bookshelf to hide this safe. People generally use these safes to keep huge currency and essential documents. It is challenging for thieves to locate this safe.

2. Floor Safes

Just like the wall safes, these safes are also built in the floor or cemented in the basement. These safes are narrow enough to fit into the flooring of your house. It is easy to conceal

these safes using furniture and home decor, like carpets. You can also hide them with some carpentry work on the flooring.

3. Freestanding Safes

Unlike wall and floor safes, these safes are freestanding. They are also much cheaper than their counterparts. They are usually quite bulky, and it is difficult for robbers to break them or carry them away with them. It would be great if you store your valuable items in this safe.

4. Fire-resistant safes

These safes are specifically made to protect your valuables in the event of a fire tragedy. All the parts of this safe are made in a way that they are insulated and protect your valuables from being damaged. It would be great if you store your critical documents in this safe.

5. Diversion Safes The primary objective of diversion safe is to keep your valuables in the disguise of everyday items. These safes are small in size and take the form and shape of daily objects like books, candles, pottery, etc. You can safely store your valuables in this safe, and thieves will never know about it. These safes are suitable for storing precious items of gold and emergency cash.

6. Smart safes

With the kind of advanced techniques used by thieves these days, it has become imperative that we start using smart safes. These safes are equipped with all the modern technology that will help you prevent theft. These safes work on the biometric system and can dispense cash like ATMs. Make the most of your home safes with improved security from locksmith in Edmond OK services.

Now that you know all the major types of safes, you can choose one for your home.

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