Understanding The Crucial Role Of A Lead Auditor

Understanding The Crucial Role Of A Lead Auditor

IT security jobs are a rage in the worldwide market today. The lead auditor is the most sought after position by many IT security professionals. A lead auditor in simple words is* an individual responsible for leading, managing, and handling an entire audit team in a respective company.

The lead auditor decides the entire modus operandi of the team and the pathway of its functioning. They deliver briefings, conducts the meeting, and ties the whole outfit together. The responsibility of the audit report also lies on the shoulder of the lead auditor.

Here's a list of reasons why the lead auditor is so crucial to a firm.

Role in the planning phase

The audit planning phase is when plans are drawn, strategies are laid, and the requirements of the audit are listed to ensure that a smooth procedure for an upcoming audit is made.

It comprises of process of team member selection who will be actively involved in the audit period. It consists in assigning duties and deadlines for completion of a task. The lead auditor also assigns for the necessary paperwork to be collected.

ISO 22000 lead auditor certification is the best hands-on training that will equip you with all the skills of a lead auditor.

Handling the Audit phase

The actual audit phase includes three stages-initiation, auditing, and evaluation.

  • Initiation phase: The lead auditor in the initiation phase conducts meetings to weigh the timelines and the possibility and course of action in which the audit will be done. The entire goal and process is explained to the team, and the duties and responsibilities are revised
  • Audit phase and evaluation phase: The actual work is done here. All the necessary paperwork is collected, evaluated, and analyzed by the team members. The lead auditor supervises this process and ensures that the process is completed smoothly. All the results are quantified and evaluated, and the final results are documented with corrective action suggestions and reviews.
  • Evaluation phase: The last part of the audit phase is the closure part, where the lead auditor conducts briefings about the complete audit and things that could not be accomplished. This id the official closure of the audit.

Preparation of the final report

The lead auditor is responsible for documenting the entire process of audits and all the details of the company that includes profits, time of the audit, observation, and work distribution of the members in the whole process.

The lead auditor does the assigning of duties for closure. He needs to ensure everyone is on the same page, and that audit is successful in its purpose. ISO 27001 lead auditor certification will prepare you for all the responsibilities and skills required to become a successful lead auditor.

Conducting an audit follow up

The lead auditor is also required to invest time in conducting an audit follow up and re-analyzing the results and correcting the course of action. They have to ensure that the reviews given are being used and progress is being made.

Becoming a lead auditor is a fascinating and challenging job and demands all of you. ISO 22000 lead auditor certification will give you the correct knowledge and exposure to excel in this job.

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