VPN Vs Proxy Which Is Better?

VPN Vs Proxy Which Is Better?

VPN Vs Proxy Which Is Better?

The debate of Proxy vs. VPN is a well-known topic among the fanatics. The argument doesn’t stop till one step down from the conversation, but we are going to clear the air by offering a number of similar functions and provide strong points to consider the options again. Of course, we are going to end the debate with one masterstroke, and never the debate will never arise.

Proxy vs. VPN: What are these?

Millions of internet consumers are using VPN or Proxy Servers to conceal the identity and surfing websites anonymously. However, only one of them is strongest and the other one has designed for mild tasks. The IP address of the internet connection is unique, and your personal details are connected to that unique address. If the government or concern company wants to the location then they have traced back the IP address, and they will find your approximate address or accurate address. Let us look at several contributing reasons for why you should use VPN or Proxy Servers to browse the internet.



Note: Many don’t read the article to the bottom, but you should read this one because it will make a huge difference in your knowledge bank.

1. Unblock Websites

You will be happy to learn that both technology unblock banned websites or prohibited sites in the country. You can access content that is no longer allowed to play or available in the country. None of the country restrictions will work on VPN servers & Proxy servers because the physical server is located in other country. You have to choose the right server like Europe or United States of America.

However, you cannot use Proxy Server for Netflix, Hulu, ESPN and other online services because the billion-dollar companies have setup proper walls to block it. There are only a handful of VPN providers, who can unblock Netflix & other services. Remember, the providers will mention it in the features list and if it is missing, then they don’t guarantee it or it is not available.

2. Mask IP Address

Now, this is where the difference are seen and you will understand why Proxy or VPN is better. Remember, the technology is to help you mask the IP address and help you access content across the globe. You will be able to mask IP address on Proxy Server & VPN Server but VPN does it better. If you are a mild user then you can use the proxy solution but it is not recommend for journalists or someone in serious business. You cannot escape from government surveillance and we will talk about it as we proceed to the result.

3. Encryption

You may not know about this because none of the companies or experts would tell you about it.

Proxy Server: There is no encryption in the connection.

VPN Server:There is 256-bit AES standard encryption in the connection.

Let us assume that your government is monitoring the activity of the citizens including your connection, then you have to mask the IP address and encrypt the data. Your ISP can easily find out what you are browsing but 256-bit AES standard encryption will make it impossible to decrypt. Of course, your ISP knows that you are browsing anonymously but they cannot decipher it, thus, no one can put charges on you. Speaking encryption, there are VPN Protocols all you need to know about it.

Proxy Server don’t use encryption to secure the conversation, thus, your ISP or government knows what you are doing, which might not what you are expecting. If you are accessing banned site or content, then the Court of Law has the right to prosecute you.

4. No Logs Policy

VPN & Proxy have paid & free plans for the customers and you may pay for it and you may not pay for the services. However, we don’t recommend free plans for security & anonymity because they sell information or compromise security. You should go with paid plans because they provide “No Logs Policy”, so they don’t record browsing history, download history, and any other information.

Proxy Providers: There is no guarantee and majority of them don’t even mention it.

VPN Providers: Yes, majority of the VPN providers offer “No Logs Policy” for ultimate protection.

You can take Nord VPN, Windscribe, Tunnel Bear and other for instance, they have strict policy to record users activity. In short, if you are a journalist or security personal or Bit Torrent user then you should get premium VPN for ultimate protection.

5. Data Protection Laws

There are many free Proxy Server & free VPN solutions out there that don’t have the establishment in a country that has strong Data Protection Laws.

Proxy Providers: You have to find out the establishment country.

VPN Providers: VPN provider mention it in the contact form or about us, and you can figure out about the country Data Protection Laws.

NordVPN is Panama-based company, so you have strong Data Protection Laws. You should find out the company establishment country because they hold the keys to Data Protection Laws. The country laws will protect your data from foreign powers, so nobody can sell you out.

Bottom Line

We suggest Proxy Server solutions for mild users, who don’t care about the online security, IP masking and rest of the things. You can unblock a website quickly using Proxy Server but it doesn’t have strong protection. However, VPN has strong protection in every way and you got data encryption, no logs policy, anonymity, and security. Let us know what do you think about Proxy vs. VPN in the comment section below.

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