What are my flooring options?

What are my flooring options?

Whether you’re refurbishing your brand new home, or needing to refresh your current flooring yorkshire, rest assured there are plenty of options for you. Many options can provide different effects, so depending on your design wants and plans will determine the option you ultimately choose. Keeping this in mind, engineered flooring suppliers can give you their recommendations based on your requirements for your refurbishment. Cambridge engineered flooring experts will tend to give their recommendations based on the practical impact the flooring has on the room you want it in.

Factoring in the room you want to choose new flooring yorkshire for, will change the type of boards you’ll fit. Why this is relates to the kind of traffic your floor will experience in certain rooms. So, with a kitchen you might find typical engineered flooring boards aren’t necessarily suitable, as they’re not waterproof. Additionally, what kind of style you choose will be decided by the age of your home. If you own and live in a period home, you’ll want to invest in a special type of flooring as some styles won't necessarily suit. Not only do these factors need to be considered, but so does the use of your budget and installation options.

The price of different floor types

If you’re also interested in the other choices available apart from cambridge engineered flooring, we shall cover this first. Starting with stone, this is a common option for period homes as you’ll find stone in many old built homes. This is typically priced at £25 or more per square metre, so it’s not as pricey as some other floors you can come across. Porcelain is similar in appearance to stone but with more polished and beautiful effects add, but actually is more affordable at around £20 per square metre. It’s also just as hard wearing, along with being pretty in appearance. What most people don’t know about porcelain is it being low maintenance, so this is definitely one option to keep in mind for your flooring yorkshire choices.

When it comes to cambridge engineered flooring, as well as solid wooden boards, these are good alternatives to the above for period homes. This is especially true on the 1st and 2nd floors of old builds, as stone and porcelain tiles aren’t really feasible options. And so this is why you’ll see old timber flooring in period homes, with some homeowners wanting to retain this feature in today’s contemporary homes. Moreover, over time engineered flooring can prove to be better for water resistance over solid wood boards. As we all know wood is always prone to becoming vulnerable to the damp as well as heat, causing it to expand and retract. With that being said, this is why engineered wood is typically the preferred choice as it gives a real wood appearance, without the potential for damaging easily from the damp. Generally, you’ll find this floor at £30 to £40 per square metre.

If wood or stone isn’t on your potential list, there’s also the floor options for carpet, cork, bamboo, laminate and vinyl available. These all have different properties which can significantly differ the price, and this especially applies to concrete as it requires a much lengthier process for laying, which needs contractors involved, unless you know how to lay concrete yourself.

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