What are the different types of office chairs available?

What are the different types of office chairs available?

The need for that ‘right’ chair at the workplace can’t be contested. When you sit for long hours, you tend to slouch, sprain your neck, stress your back and do a lot of such things that could take a toll on your overall health.

So, if you thought that just a regular chair would be alright to sit on when you spend long hours at work, think again! Just as no two individuals are the same, there need for a chair is not the same either. Keeping that in mind, manufacturers have come up with special types of office chairs that can help you stay comfortable and maintain the perfect posture for a healthy you.

Benefits of working on a comfy office chair

Purchasing a good chair from the office furniture Sydney will render you the following benefits:

A. Increased Productivity

Feeling comfortable means that you will be able to concentrate better on work, hence, it will increase productivity.

B. Improves Posture

A good chair will maintain your posture and keep it intact, fixing your posture in the long run.

C. Prevents back pain

Sitting in a bad posture may cause tensions in muscles and ligaments, resulting in back pain. A good chair will keep you away from the stress of back pain.

D. Reduces health risk

A bad sitting posture leads our body to get occupied by several diseases, such as blood clotting, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and backaches. A comfy chair would help eliminate these problems up to an extent.

Types of chair used in the office

Following are the various types of chairs that you can occupy in office:

1. Executive Chairs

By combining the best features from all the types, these types of chairs hold the king position of all seating types. The most luxurious chair has an ergonomic seating with lumbar support, padded back, seat and armrest, and is a bit costly.

2. Conference Chairs

The most comfortable and stylish chairs of the office lie in the room where all meetings and conferences get held. The place often gets occupied by visitors and guests and thus needed to be highly cared for.

3. Computer Chairs

These chairs are available in many styles. The peculiarity of such chairs should be that they are comfortable from the back and gives comfortable working to the employees.

4. Ergonomic Chairs

These comfy chairs help employees to work efficiently and for longer hours by decreasing the load in the neck, back and shoulders.

5. Mesh Office Chairs

Though such chairs appear to be like a standard chair, it renders excellent comfortability. These netted fabric chairs enable to breathe and allow the air to circulate by the pores, unlike foam or leather.

6. Stacking Chairs

Such chairs are cheap and easy for mass storage. These type of chairs are preferable for meetings and events that include mass-seating for a short period.

7. Petite Chairs

These types of computer chairs are a petite variant of seating subclass. These chairs are optimized specially for physically smaller people, are lighter and constructed with thinner material.

8. Guest Chairs

The short-term sitting chairs are an essential part of the reception or waiting area furnishings. The comfort of these chairs is reasonable in the short run and is economical to possess.

9. Folding Chairs

If we consider spacing, such chairs are quite efficient to store. They are light in weight, and it helps to remodel and redesign the office look as per your requirements.

10. Stools

The stylish and striking chairs are ideal for short term seating and have gained occupancy in many offices. Such seats are not an option to be chosen by all as they can be a bit exhausting to sit.

Wrapping up

Whether you are searching for the computer chairs or boardroom chairs in Sydney, make sure to get the most comfortable occupancy for you and your employees.

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