What are the steps for dementia disease with medical marijuana?

What are the steps for dementia disease with medical marijuana?

Health care provider often talks about the stages of dementia medical marijuana in Mississippi about how far an individual with dementia has progressed. The stage definition will help the physicians know the best treatment and help in communication between the doctors and the caregivers. There are three main steps in which dementia is considered. They are mild, which is the early stage, moderate and severe stages. Each of these specific stages is assigned its step based on the symptoms that surround it.

An advantage of this is that it helps one know the symptoms and how they change and evolve from one stage to the next. Keenly you will realize that this disease, together with similar other ones, can cause body swings not only in moods but also in the way the patient behaves. The activities that one can perform will change as dementia progress which may cause a lot of emotional stress to friends and relatives. But the good thing is that with enough knowledge on what is ahead, you can help prepare for medical, social, and personal needs.

This post discusses the steps for dementia medical marijuana in Mississippi for people with dementia problems looking forward to helping the victims properly.

The duration that dementia lasts

Different people with dementia experience it differently, and their rate of progression also vary by the type of dementia one has and person. Besides that, it is not uncommon for people to have mixed dementia which means there is more than one type. With that made clear, there is a natural course of diseases that over time has the capability of the person with this disease to get worse. With time, one’s ability to function goes away. This is because the disease alters the functioning of the brain for a long time before one gets its diagnosis in a case where there are no physical symptoms. This makes it hard for one to know how much time is left through there are ways in which you can know the patient’s life expectancy.

Mild dementia

During the early stages of dementia, the patient can do everything for themselves independently. But with age, the symptoms may be noticed during this stage as you could experience memory lapse where you misplace things, difficulties in remembering the right word, and more. Some other issues one may face include issues like planning, organizing. These stages can last between 2 to 4 years.

Moderate dementia

It is the middle stage of dementia which takes a much longer period. Damage of the brain causes one to have hard times in expressing their thoughts and daily tasks performance. At this stage, the memory issues are more serious than in the early stage. At this stage, you may forget your address, forget your history and get confused in regards to where you are located. Due to the loss of track of thoughts, it is hard to follow conversations which may give you trouble in understanding other people. This is where moods and behavior changes come in leading to one becoming aggressive, paranoia, repetitive, sleeping difficulties, and more. This stage may live on from 2 to about 10 years.

Severe dementia

It is also known as advanced dementia where individuals have got significant problems in communication. Sometimes an individual may fail to communicate at all perhaps due to memory loss and can’t remember anything. At this point, you may forget members of your family and anything revolving about your life. Everything changes and it is hard for the patient to walk and may need extensive help as there is the likelihood to be bedridden. This stage lasts for about 1 to 3 years.

Special care needed for every stage

One may not need care after every step of dementia diagnosis but as there are changes as the disease progress with worsened symptoms, special care is something to consider. There are different special care like adult daycare, nursing homes, or even in-home care. You will need financial aid to have all these in progress.

For early dementia, it is not serious so the individual can take care of themselves, with no or little care. It is however essential to consider the future of the situation earlier so that you can be prepared on how to handle the situation in the future.

The middle stage of dementia is the stage where the patient may likely lose their independence. At this point, one needs helps and assistance in performing their activities like taking a bath, to dress and in how they should groom. While at it, it is essential to establish a routine of becoming vital as the caregivers need to become patient. At this stage, it is hard as it is unsafe to leave the patient alone, meaning they will need somebody special to monitor them.

The last stage of dementia requires much more care as the patient completely relies on help and assistance. In a case where one is bedridden means the patient needs care 24/7. It is no joke as at some point, they need 100 percent care from being fed, bathed, and all daily activities that one partakes.

Where to live with dementia

With many factors put into considerations, people living with dementia needs special care and attention. Nursing homes are the best place for them, especially if they need other medical considerations. Perhaps they are on medical tubes that help them breathe, and there is a need for nursing care, people with special enough for such situation and not untrained relatives. But this is not the best place for people who have got advanced dementia, lest there are other medical considerations.


There are many things surrounding people living with dementia condition. It is always good to be vigilant when handling issues that revolve around it. The addressed step and stages of dementia are key things that need to be known and understood concerning the uses the dementia medical marijuana in Mississippi for the cure. Be sure to read and understand so that you can keep up with positive and real information that needs to be spread out there.

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