What Can I Get From VW Transporter Conversions?

What Can I Get From  VW Transporter Conversions?

Anyone looking to purchase a new motorhome, whether it was for the first time buyer or someone looking for an upgrade, may benefit from bespoke van conversions. Unlike mass produced motorhomes and campervans, VW transporter conversions allow the buyer to create the van conversion of their dreams. Most modern motorhomes are filled with fancy bells and whistles that most drivers won’t use. A conversion gives you the opportunity to add the things you need, and some things that might not be commonly available with the major labels in motorhome sales.

Where Should I Start?

Firstly think about what you are after. VW transporter conversions can be used for so many purposes, like as a family camper van to go on outdoor adventures. Whereas, motorcycle professionals traveling the country needing a place to stay and store the bikes will be catered to with race van conversions. Are you an avid camper who is unsatisfied with the modern product? Bespoke van conversions will fit to your needs and your life perfectly.

There are people out there who are master craftsmen of van conversions. They are ready to listen for all your conversion needs. They will deep dive in what the person's preference is when it comes to sleeping arrangements and washing facilities. They will take all this information away and will tell you what they can do in the space provided. This does not mean you will have to compromise as the talented converters can adapt most spaces in the VW transporter conversions of your dreams.

The Essentials

When discussing toilets and showers, the seasoned motorhome community has horrific folklore of the days of old. Nightmare stories about what can be found in communal shower blocks and experiences people had with primitive portable toilets. These days such stories have been phased out and the world of bespoke van conversions has made impressive advancements.

Van Conversions will be installed with a sophisticated plumbing system. Toilets like Thetford toilets have revolutionised campervan facilities and will find a place in your VW transporter conversion to give you home standard toilet experiences.

Showers have also made improvements. In today's world hygiene is key, whether you are traveling away for a couple weeks, or you are going away for a day at the races and want to look your best when you’re on the starting line. VW transporter conversions can be fitted with combi boilers, providing you with running hot water. Van conversions can also be installed with sinks for more convenience and consistent hygiene upkeep. Outdoor adventures can be messy, but in 2021, there's no reason to compromise your hygiene.


Not everyone takes their camper out for a technology detox, as we live in a fast paced world and want to keep connected no matter where people find themselves.

Mobile phones can assist the outdoor experience. You can plan routes through hiking apps, find information of the wildlife you will be surrounded by or maybe just wanting to have a live phone in case you have an emergency. Three-point plugs are easy to install in modern van conversions. Bring essential electricals with you on your journeys to make sure you have a modern day approach on your dive into nature.

Lighting for your conversion is also something that can be customised. Sky lights help add to the beauty of the natural surroundings, or maybe a bright light for photo opportunities and visibility for activities that will take place within the motorhome.

Van conversions will make the best transport for your dream holidays. Make the vacation your own with a motorhome built for your needs. You need a van that you deserve and having every element catered to your needs will be a great investment for anyone looking to make memories that will last forever.

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