What Is A Directory?

What Is A Directory?

Upon hearing the name directory, we naturally tend to think about the telephone directories at the payphones or the fat registers from offices. That would be unfair to the word directory by limiting it just to one reference. A directory is basically an alphabetic or a numeric record of anything at all. It can be a list of businesses with names, address, and telephone numbers, the reason why we tend to jump towards the thought of a telephone directory is because of our affiliation of use with it. Nowadays with the internet striding huge distances, a lot of things have been upgraded to electronic forms from the past.

Online Business Directories, what do they do?

Online business directories are a record of relevant businesses based by area, nature, industry or supply along with the necessary particulars as to the addresses and telephone numbers. If you take yellow pages and convert them into a useful electronic state, you’ll end up with an online business directory. The name of the companies listed in the directory are often linked to web pages of the companies, which enables a searcher to search for products, services or companies in a specific are in a very organized manner.

These online directories exist for diverse fields over the internet, giving your business a high chance of flourishing. When a user searches for something specific over a search engine like Google (which uses online directories to filter results), it immediately scans through thousands of pages of the directories to find the most relevant results as they have already been categorized and indexed, they are deemed the most relevant result and climbs higher in ranking as well.

Business in the directories can be categorized by business type, locality, activity, volume, and size. There are certain requirements of every directory upon which the search and ranking are based. A normal business directory may include business name, address, telephone numbers, number of employees, products the business provides, the service region, video profile, and location. Following are the top ten business directory websites:

  1. Google
  2. Facebook
  3. Bing Places
  4. Aileensoul
  5. Yelp
  6. Foursquare
  7. Angie’s List
  8. Manta
  9. Hot Frog
  10. Yellow Pages

Why Submit To An Online Business Directory?

Submitting to an online business directory benefit you many ways, streamlined of those are as follows:

Online business directories listings spread your business on a vast scale over the internet. The more your business is going to be visible over the internet through many different platforms, the more chances are of customers landing on your page and more visits to your business offices. This way viewers who never knew the name of your company or business can find you with ease, opening up your business options.

With more viewers landing on your page over the internet means more people interested in your business. People who had never heard of your company name can find you via two-level direct traffic, which is the people that come to your business directory through search engines and then trickled down to your website. You may even end up doing business with clients from this base.

The main advantage of submitting to online business directories is getting found by potential investors and partners. Investors over the web generally look through the online business directories, having your information submitted to them increases your chances of consideration by them.

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