What is the DHS Firstsource III contract and who can apply for it?

What is the DHS Firstsource III contract and who can apply for it?

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Office of Procurement Operations (OPO) is glad to introduce a DRAFT sale for the FirstSource III program.

This draft sale is planned to furnish the business with additional data on being developed, draft DHS procurement procedure, and to evoke recommendations as well as inquiries to improve the last FirstSource III solicitation for proposition (RFP). In a few examples all through this bundle, the Government has given an account (instead of standard sales language as well as terms and conditions) trying to pass on its present goal to forthcoming FirstSource III Offerors.

Since its origin in 2005, the FirstSource program has been a foundation of the DHS Small Business and Strategic Sourcing programs. With DHS FirstSource III Federal Government Contract, DHS foresees supplanting the current set-up of FirstSource II contracts with grants that are more helpful by incorporating lessons gained from the past fifteen years.

Objective and Target Companies:

The goal of the FirstSource III securing is to set up contracts with experienced Information Technology (IT) Value-Added Resellers (VAR) and experienced Software Publishers.

Under FirstSource III offerors with the previously mentioned experience will give an assortment of industrially accessible IT items and services just as an assortment of financially accessible software solutions, all of which straightforwardly uphold DHS programs in achieving their missions.

An essential objective of this procurement is to produce cost evasion and reserve funds by utilizing the purchasing force of DHS and its parts, eventually bringing about the best incentive for the Government.

Non-maker Rule Waiver for FirstSource III: The Small Business Administration (SBA) endorsed a waiver to the Non-Manufacturer Rule (NMR) for the FirstSource III program and all conveyance orders given under FirstSource III. The NMR waiver was endorsed on September 15, 2020, and applies toward the North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) codes under FirstSource III. For extra data with respect to the non-producer rule please reference 13 CFR 121.406.

Note: There are two NAICS codes for FirstSource III: 541519, reference 18 Information Technology Value Added Resellers (ITVAR); and 511210, commentary 20 Software Publishing. This is a change from FirstSource II, which just had a solitary NAICS code, 541519, reference 18, ITVAR. There will be more conversation about NAICS codes later in this report.

DHS FirstSource III Federal Contract Requirements are:

In the draft RFP delivered toward the beginning of November, the public authority expressed its goal to utilize a two-stage methodology for assessment. The primary stage will comprise a "Go/No Go" for passage into phase II I. Stage I will assess three necessities:

  1. The public authority will survey the offeror's current monetarily distributed list. The offeror ought to give a clarification of how their list bolsters the whole First Source scope.

  1. The offeror should demonstrate that they as of now hold affiliate approvals with significant wholesalers, for example, Carahsoft, Ingram Micro, and EC America – Immix.

  1. The offeror should demonstrate ISO 28001:2007 Supply Chain Certification. You will likewise need to portray your production network hazard, the board approach, and how you moderate dangers.

You should take an interest in Phase I. Whenever assessed effectively, you will at that point continue to Phase II.

In Phase II, you will be approached to give your involvement with giving VAR services across an assortment of commoditized IT hardware and software, your experience managing giving hardware and software from numerous OEMs at scale, insight with interminable authorizing, and involvement with giving IT Managed Services.

Just a brief Past Performance accommodation is needed, as the public authority will pull significant information from the Contractor Performance Assessment Rating System (CPARS) in light of the experience types referred to above.

At last, in Phase II, your proposition accommodation will contain estimating, some portion of which will be an evaluated reaction to an example Task Order.

How Can you Win FirstSource III:

The primary consideration is whether you right now hold the necessary NAICS of 541519 and 511210. On the off chance that you hold one or both NAICS and have the necessary ISO 28001:2007 confirmation, you might be serious. Flopping both of those, try not to.

What should be your job now?

You need to do the accompanying fully expecting the last requesting discharge:

Begin assembling your documentation for Phase I and begin building up an apt clarification of how your index underpins the full extent of the prerequisites.

Audit your ISO 28001: 2007 confirmation to guarantee its legitimacy through in any event March of one year from now (ideally later)

Begin creating confirmation focuses for your Phase II necessities. Be explicit and as voluminous as could reasonably be expected. It's in every case better to need to pare data down than figuring where to get more

Think about a Proposal Readiness Review (PRR) by a target outsider (either natural or from outside the association) to evaluate where you stand and to help manage you in reporting recognizable proof and collection. A PRR could help you save precious DHS Firstsource III FED Contract Bid and Proposal Resources!

Before you leave…

Beginning back in 2006. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) set up the First Source Program as a more proficient approach to get to commoditized data innovation (IT) items. Since that time and in two emphases, DHS has given in excess of 28,000 undertaking orders, all of which have gone to independent companies. We are currently envisioning the arrival of the requesting for the third cycle of the program which has siphoned roughly $6.5B into the Small Business economy.

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