What precautions should Healthcare workers take during the Epidemic?

What precautions should Healthcare workers take during the Epidemic?

The healthcare sector has been turned into a quagmire due to the effects of the epidemic. While the common man/woman was forced to sit at home, due to being laid off or due to the lockdown, healthcare workers were pushed to the maximum, as they had to work long hours, give up weekly holidays and face enhanced strain and lack of adequate resources. People working in infirmaries in non-essential areas were forced to work in critical areas without adequate knowledge. Adding to their list of problems, their kids were at home due to schools, colleges and day care centers being closed, so it meant additional stress. It lead to people leaving jobs as they could not handle this added strain and this proved to be a headache for the Healthcare HR Recruiters who were forced to look for suitable candidates sometimes at very short notice. For the healthcare workers and the Best healthcare Recruiters, this is the time to take certain precautions, more so for the former who are facing the brunt of the epidemic and for the latter to advise their newbie clients to follow.

The first care an individual should take is ensure that he gets plenty of sleep. It should become the Best Healthcare HR Recruiters job to advice his client to ensure that the client’s employees get enough sleep and rest in a day. They should look at the total number of hours an employee gets to sleep, as an employee who has slept well will work better.

Another consideration that employees, employers and even Healthcare HR Recruiters need to look at is are the healthcare employees getting plenty of nourishing food at their place of work. It should become the job of the Best Healthcare HR Recruiter to advise their clients and potential employees about planning their nourishments. Infirmary cafeterias should be kept open round the clock and stocked with fresh nourishing food items, as employees will sleep into these facilities to eat whenever they get the time and inclination to eat.

The best precaution one can take to avoid getting infected with the virus is to stay at home, as most states in India have made rules for employers to allow workers to work from home. Though this may not be practically possible for all healthcare specialties, but employers should refrain calling to work those employees that are not essential and can do their jobs from home. Employees on their part should stay indoors and only venture out when absolutely essential and even then wear masks and maintain social distancing,

The next step one can take is to avoid incessant use of social media, as social media browsing takes lots of hours and can leave a person tired. Also people will get to read true and false stories and it may lead to paranoia and frustration.

Employees once they return home or their rooms should switch off their television sets and not listen to the news as in this epidemic world you don’t want to hear negative stories after a full tiring day at work. Also employees should stop comparing their lives, with those of their neighbors who are at home and doing things they can’t.

The last tip would be to go easy on the management of your infirmary. The workers want the latest equipment and the best PPE kits, but at times it is not possible for the management to provide all of that, it has become tough for the professionals to accept all the excuses put up by the management but the time has come for both parties to listen to each other’s grievances and find out ways on how these can be resolved.

Today the Healthcare HR Recruitment Job in India is not easy, as they face plenty of challenges from both the Facilities for whom they are hiring and the potential employees.

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