Why Are Companies In Mumbai Going Gaga Over HR Software?

Why Are Companies In Mumbai Going Gaga Over HR Software?

During the current pandemic, people have been put under a lot of stress, being worried about their job as well as health. Accordingly, people started talking about psychological safety and need to pay attention to the same. Most importantly few people started talking & addressing the mental health of people. A good number of people even focused more on physical health.

In addition to the challenges associated with the current pandemic & the likely action to be taken in the post-pandemic period, another challenge that organizations in general & the HR fraternity, in particular, are facing is maintaining social distancing and preventing infections in the offices. Especially offices in Mumbai are in a dilemma as the COVID cases continue to surge and companies there are figuring out ways to avoid close contact in the workplace. Now, this is the right time to take a refreshing look at a new approach to HR, which is embracing human resource automation. It is high time for businesses in Mumbai to consider automated software tools at the earliest, especially when they can get their hands on the best HR software in Mumbai.

Still, not convinced?

Take a look at some of the top advantages of investing in automated human resource management systems:

Provides Chatbot And Video-Conferencing Tools

Ensuring communication is acutely important in a workplace. Team meetings and one-on-one collaborations have a lot of benefits. For instance, in a traditional office setup, employees are expected to contact HR managers for every trivial issue. If they do not get a response on time, they normally meet HR managers in person. However, today, in-person communication can become a threat to our health. This is when HR software comes into the picture.

The very first advantage of HR software is that it comes with chatbots and video-conferencing tools that have become essential ever since the outbreak of this global pandemic. Using HR systems, employees and HRs can discuss anything via their desktop or mobile, thereby reducing the need to meet each other in person.

Empower Employees

The second best thing about HR software is that it comes with an ESS feature or employee self-service feature that is designed to empower employees. As we highlighted in the earlier point, employees always reach out to their HRs even for a small thing. But, using HR software that offers ESS, employees can do several easy tasks on their own, that too without having to disturb their HR managers. This feature is beneficial in times like now. From knowing their attendance, checking their performance scorecard to downloading payslips, employees will be able to do numerous things in just a matter of minutes.

Improves Compliance

It’s no news that COVID-19 has impacted every business in India. In such a scenario, no company will want to bear unwanted expenses. If unwanted expenses are considered, penalties caused by non-compliance usually cost a considerable amount of money to businesses. Now, in a traditional office, ensuring compliance is a big challenge. But, when it comes to HR systems, they are fully automated software tools that even send timely alerts to the HR department whenever any law is implemented or changed. This way, no company will have to worry about compliance-related issues and their consequences in this crisis.

Requires Bare Minimum of Human Intervention

Unlike traditional tools, HR software streamlines and optimizes every routine task on its own, which is a blessing for HR managers while working remotely. It is no news that Mumbai still remains the state with the highest number of COVID cases. In such a scenario, most companies will prefer working remotely. And for efficient remote working, they should consider implementing one of the best HR software in Mumbai.

That’s it.

We hope this article helped you to understand why HR software is becoming popular in Mumbai. If you are a business based in Mumbai, we urge you to take a step ahead and invest in the right HR system as soon as possible.

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